Best UX Design Classes for a Strong Start

Posted on November 14, 2023 | Updated on February 21, 2024

UX (user experience) design is a highly rewarding career with numerous opportunities available on the job market. You also have the opportunity to work from home, and there’s a high demand for UX designers to create great products today. UX design classes are the best place to start.

Yet, to break into this field, you must build the knowledge and skills to look attractive to employers. Individual UX courses may be shorter, but they give you an easy way to build your portfolio and look like a strong candidate.

CareerFoundry UX Design Program

If you’re new to UX, CareerFoundry’s UX Design Program is a great place to get started. CareerFoundry’s UX design class makes a great choice for beginners because it provides you with the principles and practices of UX design. Students get hands-on experience through real-world projects, ensuring they build a strong portfolio by the end of the program.

One reason this program is exceptional is due to its mentor-driven approach. Every student is paired with a personal tutor and an industry expert who provides personalized feedback, guidance and insights. On top of that, CareerFoundry guarantees you’ll be job-ready within the same year. Graduates will have the skills and confidence to enter the professional design world. 

Looking at CareerFoundry’s UX Design Program, the course is quite an investment. Before making a decision, you can speak with a program advisor to learn about it. You also have the opportunity to take a short UX design class at zero cost to see if it’s the right choice for you.


  • $7,505-$7,900 or a short course for free.

Coursera Introduction to User Experience Design

Getting into UX can be an overwhelming experience. However, Coursera’s Introduction to User Experience Design course provides an accessible entry point for beginners. Experts from the Georgia Institute of Technology created the class. It’s designed to give you a concise overview of the core concepts of UX. 

Throughout several modules, learners are introduced to the foundational concepts of UX design, from understanding user needs to evaluating design solutions. The course’s interactive assignments ensure students are engaging with real-life design scenarios. 

You’ll also find the course has a flexible online format where learners can progress at their own pace. Therefore, it’s the perfect fit for those juggling other commitments. You’ll also have access to videos, quizzes and content covering all UX design aspects. The course syllabus is straightforward and sets the stage for more advanced studies and professional exploration in UX.


  • Enroll on Coursera to get started, then pay $39 per month.

DesignLab’s UX Academy Foundations

If you’re ready to build a solid understanding of UX design, consider DesignLab’s UX Academy Foundations course. The UX design class was made with beginners in mind. It’s a course that prepares you by laying down the essential building blocks of UX design. The curriculum covers areas like user research, information architecture and interaction design. 

You’ll also have the chance to complete projects to apply what you’ve just learned. With all the projects you work on, you can build a portfolio to set yourself up for employment. You even get feedback and coaching on your projects. 

The course provides you with one-on-one mentoring and eight hours of live sessions. The class occurs over a four to eight-week period. Depending on your availability, you can attend 40 hours in four weeks or 20 hours in eight weeks. 


  • $499 for the entire course.

Google’s UX Design Professional Certificate

Google’s UX Design Professional Certificate is a program available on Coursera. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to get into UX design. You can learn and study for the course in under 10 hours each week in under six months. The UX design class covers various topics, from the basics of UX to advanced design strategies.

You’ll also dig deep into areas like empathetic user-centered design, prototype creation and usability testing. An edge this program offers is its real-world application exercises, backed by Google’s own design insights.

Once you complete the course, you’ll have a portfolio of projects, which will prime you for a promising career start in design. Google is a brand with a prestigious reputation in the web design industry, and earning a certification from it will help you stand out in the UX community.


  • Enroll on Coursera and pay a $39 subscription fee.

SuperHi’s Intro to User Experience Design

For those just getting started in UX, SuperHi’s Intro to User Experience Design course offers a great introduction to this field. SuperHi’s course caters to those already in the design industry, but want to focus more on designing for apps or the web. So, if you’re a graphic designer with a goal to develop websites, this course will teach you what you need to know. 

Some of the things you’ll learn in Intro to User Experience Design include:

  • The UX design process.
  • The best research methods.
  • Creating personas, user journeys, site maps and user flows.
  • Building wireframes and creating effective designs.
  • Conducting user testing and much more.

SuperHi provides real-world design projects for you to work on so you grasp concepts in an immersive way. The platform itself is easy to use and is visually engaging. What’s more, the content provides videos to make learning easy and interactive. You’ll also benefit from a large community of other learners, making your entire experience collaborative and supportive. 


  • $149 for the entire course.

Mento Design Academy

Mento Design Academy may be on the newer side, but it’s a fully-fledged curriculum on UX design. The platform was founded by Radu Vucea, who is a self-taught designer who used to teach at DesignLab. After mentoring for this larger program, Vucea created his online platform. The course provides beginners with a six-month study and the promise of a UX design job or your money back.

Upon purchasing the course, you get one-on-one weekly mentoring and lifetime access to the course’s materials and Mento’s community. Once you graduate, you’ll receive a certification and letter of recommendation to help you stand out in your job search. 

Some of the skills you’ll gain include UX research, interaction design and UI design. If you’re ready to dive into UX at your own pace, consider building the start of your career with Mento. 


  • Pay $4,839 upfront or $949 each month.

Taking UX Design Classes

UX design classes are key to getting started in the field. If you want to learn everything there is to know about creating great user experiences, consider this list of top courses. Many of these courses prepare you to get a job in UX design. They’re flexible enough to fit your schedule and much more affordable than a University. Explore each curriculum and decide which is right for you. Each UX design class has something to offer everyone.

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