5 Best Video Editing Software Options for Beginners

Posted on January 3, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Finding the best video editing software is a challenge when you’re a beginner. Every editor was new to the industry once, though. It’s a great time to get into video editing today. There are a plethora of editing platforms out there, from mobile-friendly apps to pro-quality software. We selected the top five video editing platforms for beginners, including some free options. 

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is widely considered the best video editing software available today. It’s used by professional video editors and beginners alike. It is also compatible with all the main platforms you might want to edit on, including Windows, Mac and even iPadOS. 

Premiere Pro is the gold standard for video editing. It’s packed with features and powerful enough to handle large projects and high-quality video. The downside is that Premiere Pro can be somewhat intimidating for beginners. However, it’s worth learning how to use it if you want to get into video editing. 

If you want to try a slightly less complicated version of Premiere Pro, you can also use Premiere Rush. This pared down version of Pro is designed with beginners and mobile users in mind. It can do many of the same things Premiere Pro can, but in a streamlined, simplified platform that’s easier to navigate. 

Adobe uses a monthly subscription model for its creative software. The full Adobe Creative Cloud can be expensive, especially for beginners, coming in at $54 per month. Luckily, there is also the Adobe Express subscription. This beginner-friendly package includes Premiere Rush and Photoshop Express for just $9.99 per month. 

2. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is easily one of the best video editing software options for beginners. It’s affordable and offers a lot of built-in presets that make videos look great even if you are still learning the ropes. If Premiere Pro or Rush is outside your budget or you want an alternative to it, Filmora is definitely the way to go. 

Wondershare Filmora also has an AI “co-pilot” editing assistant. The built-in AI can give tips and automate certain parts of the editing process. This is helpful, but it may not be a good idea for beginners to use it too much since that may slow down their learning process. However, the AI features are unique and useful, so it’s great to have the option if you do want to use them. 

Filmora is fairly affordable for beginners. You can choose to pay $49 per year or, for an even better deal, you can do a single $79 payment to use Filmora in perpetuity. That means you won’t have to pay an ongoing subscription to use the platform. If you plan on sticking to video editing for longer than a year, the one-time $79 payment is definitely worth it for Filmora. 

3. iMovie (Mac/iOS Only)

If you have a Mac, iPad or iPhone, you can use one of the best video editing software apps for free. iMovie is only available on Apple devices, but it comes pre-installed on all Macs and you can download it for free on iPhone and iPad. Thanks to its high accessibility and great features, iMovie is perfect for beginners. 

iMovie has all the basic features you would want in a video editing app, such as clip organization and trimming. It’s not just the basics, though. There are plenty of options for designs, effects and sounds, as well. In fact, in 2022, Apple added a whole suite of preset “storyboards” that make editing fast and simple. If you’re a beginner, using these presets is a great way to learn the basics of editing while still creating pro-quality videos. 

As you grow your editing skills, you should also consider checking out Final Cut Pro. This video editing software is a direct competitor to Premiere Pro and the go-to choice for Apple users. It is very similar to iMovie but includes a larger range of features and more advanced editing controls. 

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve began as a color correction app, but has since expanded to become a competitor for Premiere Pro. If you like the interface and advanced features of Premiere Pro, but don’t like the price, take a look at DaVinci Resolve instead. 

There’s a surprisingly powerful free version of the app that’s an incredible value pick for beginners. It has more than enough features to get you started. DaVinci Resolve also comes in a premium Studio edition that requires a one-time fee of $295. Most beginners won’t miss the premium level features, though. 

DaVinci Resolve is an especially good pick if you want to get into color correction. It’s hard to beat Resolve’s sheer volume of color correction options, even compared with Premiere Pro. Most of them are available in the free version of the app, too. Overall, DaVinci Resolve is a great choice for beginners who want to try pro-level video editing for free. In fact, Resolve is one of the most popular video editing platforms used by pro editors and VFX artists in Hollywood, so you can’t go wrong with it! 

5. InShot

If you want to edit videos on a mobile device like your phone, you should definitely check out InShot. This video editing app is perfect for beginners thanks to its robust features and user-friendly interface. It’s light enough to run smoothly on phones, too, which is a big win for mobile editors. 

InShot is free to download on Apple or Android, although it does offer some premium features available for in-app purchases. You can cut together videos, combine multiple clips, use a range of visual effects, and add stickers, text, and animations. The app even allows you to export videos in 4K. InShot is especially well-suited for editing social media video content, such as TikToks or short YouTube videos. 

Finding the Best Video Editing Software

When you’re a beginner, finding the best video editing software can be challenging. The five apps on this list are some of the best options on the market today. Whether you’re looking for pro-quality video, a free platform or mobile-friendly editing, there’s a great editing app out there for you. Identify your top three features or traits and focus on finding the editing platform that best meets those needs.

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