5 Web Development Tips for Beginners

Posted on April 4, 2022 | Updated on June 1, 2022

Almost every industry needs a web developer — and that need rises quickly every day. According to statistics, the total amount of web developers was 178,900 and is projected to reach 205,000 by 2030. With technology rapidly advancing, the scope of web developers is growing.

Moreover, learning the basics of coding and coding languages are most crucial. HTML, Javascript, CSS, jQuery and more are pieces of web development that you should know. Yet with all the frameworks, libraries and resources, this can be somewhat overwhelming as a beginner. 

If you’re getting started as a web developer, here are five web development tips for beginners.

Web Development Tips for Beginners

1. Choose One Area of Web Development That Excites You

Becoming a web developer takes more than watching a few videos and reading a book. The web development field is vast. So, being a jack-of-all-trades, in the beginning, will likely leave you feeling defeated. 

You have to commit to one area that appeases you the most. Once you become a master in one place, that’s where you can move on to the next. There’s no exact answer for where you need to start. Still, if you’re not sure, JavaScript and PHP (hypertext preprocessor) are the most common technologies.

2. Start With a Small Project

Once you learn the basics of web development, give yourself a project to work on but start small. That way, you get an opportunity to:

  • Discover your weaknesses.
  • Gain experience and learn to solve problems.
  • Capture the thrill of creating.

Whatever project you choose doesn’t matter, as long as you keep the scope small. It’s also important to define your end-point. What elements will you consider as “done.” Knowing this will allow you to feel satisfied with your work.

So, make sure you plan a to-do list for your project and use a scheduling tool to track your progress.

3. Shape Up Your Design Skills

Working as a professional developer, you need to know the basics of designing. Those who evolve into experts know that being a developer alone is not enough. Web design skills are important because it improves user experience.

For example, 74% of visitors will likely return to a website if it’s optimized for mobile. You have to consider these factors here since web design attracts returning visitors. Moreover, visually attractive websites will attract visitors and compel them to stay if they like what they see.

Lastly, knowledge in design gives you a competitive edge. It shows employers or clients that you’re the best person to know which design fits. Plus, it gives you the chance to show off your coding skills.

4. Research and Test Your Skills

Learning as much as you can about web development will help you use new skills. Stay up to date with articles, web development blogs and connect with other developers. The more knowledge you gain, the better.

Furthermore, it’s perfectly fine to borrow codes when starting your new project. Pinterest is a good place to begin when it comes to finding inspiration.

5. Commit to Daily Practice

As a beginner, you might make quick progress in certain areas. However, there will be a time when your progress slows down the further you advance yourself. Most beginners usually give up during this time because they rely heavily on achieving new milestones within a certain time frame to feel satisfaction.

However, everyone learns at a different pace. So rather than focusing on achieving new accomplishments, commit to practicing and learning web development each day. 

Getting Started With Web Development

Remember, there’s so much to learn in web development. So, try not to overwhelm yourself. Start with the basics and commit time to practice. These web development tips for beginners will hopefully give you an essential idea for how to start learning about the field.

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