The Best Website Templates for Restaurants

Posted on January 9, 2020 | Updated on January 6, 2021

Walk down any two blocks in a major city, and you’ll find dozens of places to eat. In fact, there are more than a million restaurants in the United States. If you want your establishment to stand out, a catchy restaurant name is a must, you need to make sure to speak to your audience on multiple channels, including online. A user-friendly website doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Instead, use one of many website templates for restaurants you can customize to fit your needs.

Your site needs to look professional and meet the unique needs of diners. Start by searching through the best website templates for restaurants and deciding which you like best. You can also start with a bootstrap template and tailor your design.

Do you want to build a knock-out site for your restaurant? Consider one of the 12 layouts below.

1. Delicious

Highlight your restaurant’s specialty with a large hero image at the top of the page. This theme is modern and invites users to sample the delicacies available. You can also rotate between slides to feature special offerings. If you serve a wide array of dishes, you’ll appreciate the mega menu option to break everything into categories. You can also offer recipes, too.

The theme is released under a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use it with the footer intact. The cost to remove the backlink is $21, or, for $99, you can gain access to all of the templates. The Delicious layout is HTML on a Bootstrap platform.

Price: Free

2. Elegant Restaurant

Does your restaurant fall into the fine dining category? If so, this elegant theme by Attika offers a luxurious look. The background takes up the entire width of the page and features the photo of your choice. Display a dish with plenty of surrounding whitespace. You may want to enlist the help of a professional food photographer to get the dimensions right.

This layout, one of the best website templates for restaurants, comes with several features you’ll appreciate. Use the dish showcase, menu builder and reservation form.

Price: $79.00

3. Resta

One top pick for best website templates for restaurants is Resta, a simple HTML template. Small businesses will appreciate the ease of adding dishes and pricing. Allow people to quickly peruse your offerings before coming in.

Resta is HTML5 and CSS3 with a flat, modern design. The layout is within boxes and fills the width of the screen. Choose from eight different color schemes and 30 different page templates. Plus, it’s fully responsive to mobile devices, equipped with a built-in mega-menu. While this design is simple, it offers a powerhouse of options to highlight what you do best — food!

Price: $17.00

4. Saturnino Pizza

Looking for a great Magento theme? If so, this layout is ideal for a pizza or sandwich shop. Simply swap out the photos to include your chef’s creations. When you buy this template, you can also use add-on services, such as premium store setup and SEO optimization.

Price: $179

5. Tasty

Out of all the website templates for restaurants, this one is ideal for family-owned businesses. The Tasty layout showcases a photo at the top with space to tell your brand’s story. Talk about how the company started and where the current owners fit in.

If you’re a new startup, discuss your passion for food and why you want to bring diners tasty creations.

Price: $16.50 per month

6. Bakes and Cakes

This fun WordPress theme is the perfect complement to your bakery. Add your own image to customize the layout. Add your logo or use the included font to plug-in your bakery name.

This theme is responsive to different screen sizes and includes sections for a shop, blog, testimonials and contact page. You can use full-width or set it up like a traditional blog with edging.

Price: Free

7. Soup

This theme, a bootstrap platform with HTML and CSS capability, will work for any restaurant. Choose from a few options for the landing page, such as a rotating slider or static image. You can also go with a light or dark theme and seven different color schemes.

The template comes with a built-in ordering system that allows you to take orders online. You’ll also find advanced features, such as parallax effects.

Price: $18.00

8. Food Hunt

One of the best website templates for restaurants is Food Hunt. This theme packs a lot of features for a low price. It’s compatible with the popular RestaurantPress plugin, allowing you to create menus and showcase popular items with ease.

The design is responsive to mobile devices. You can also integrate with an events calendar, WooCommerce for online ordering and translation capabilities.

Price: Free

9. The Restaurant

If you’re looking for modern website templates for restaurants, consider this design. You can move the menu card around to customize the look. Plus, it works with WooCommerce, offering a built-in reservation system.

With The Restaurant theme, you can add as many tabs as you need. Peruse through the customized layouts and sample pages for ideas.

Price: $39.00

10. Di Restaurant

If you’re looking to feature your gourmet chef-owner, this WordPress theme offers a lot of options. It’s light and airy looking. It also comes with WooCommerce options.

Di Restaurant loads fast and is highly responsive to different screen sizes. It works with Elementor Page Builder and offers a full-width template. Don’t be afraid to tweak the layout to perfectly suit your needs, such as adding a custom background.

Price: Free

11. GloriaFood

Like other website templates for restaurants, this one comes with reservation and online ordering options. Use the customizer to make the look fit your brand. Move widgets in and out to craft the perfect look. With the plug-and-play system, you don’t have to spend a fortune to start taking orders and reservations.

Price: Free

12. VW Restaurant Lite

VW Restaurant Lite is a minimalist theme that puts the focus on the food. With this layout, you can integrate online orders and reservations, ideal for both restaurants and hotels.

The lite version is free. If you want added features, however, such as fully responsive design and WooCommerce compatibility, you’ll need a premium upgrade. Try the free version first and then decide if it needs further customization.

Price: Free

Website Templates for Restaurants — Finding the Perfect Design

You can find tons of website templates for restaurants online. Yet deciding which one works best can be a tough process.

Once you choose a design, remember to tweak and optimize continually. You may need something new to boost conversation rates and achieve your goals.

Remember, your website is a portal that enables diners to find information, make a reservation or order a meal. Give people what they want to keep them coming in the door and away from competitors.

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