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Posted on August 5, 2015 | Updated on June 13, 2023

places to publish infographics

Unsure where to publish infographics? These engaging visuals are recipes for success in today’s online environment. Their use has exploded, and many designers are reaching a global audience on the back of strong models that promote social sharing.

Those unable to draw upon the influence of early-uptake networks, however, typically find the results somewhat underwhelming — and that’s where infographic directories come in!

By submitting to these infographics-only channels, you can boost the number of near-instant inbound links directing users to your site and improve your Google ranking at the same time. To help, here’s a list of the top seven sites where you can publish infographics:


Few people haven’t heard of, whether they’re in the content creation game or not. All designers need to do is sign up, fill in the forms, hit submit, and the infographic will be added to the site’s information marketplace.

The analytical tools the site offers allow you to quantify your content’s viewership and visibility across your demographic. is easily one of the best directories to submit to, and it should be one of the very first places you visit.

2. Infographic Subreddit

infographic subreddit

The self-styled “Front Page of the Internet” has gained a reputation as a high-traffic arena that drives content hype through its audience of social innovators. As the world’s 31st most visited site, it is responsible for propelling content into online infamy on an almost daily basis.

In fact, the Infographic Subreddit is where many of the most successful data visualization concepts first appear before making the rounds on social media.

3. Infographics Archive

infographics archive

Not all infographic directories are created equal, and not all of them are free. Submissions to Infographics Archive attract a $19.99 baseline service fee as the site reviews each piece of content prior to publishing it.

There are a number of social promotion add-on options which leverage the site’s considerable audience of 65k Pinterest followers. Prices range from $29.99 for a homepage feature to $99.99 for express publication.

If Facebook advertising is something you’re interested in, the site also offers a $499.00 package that spotlights your infographic for 10 days and provides $100 in paid promotion. Sometimes you have to spend a little to earn a lot.

4. Mashable Infographics

mashable infographic

Depending on how newsworthy your infographic is, you might decide to submit to Mashable. Most are usually to do with social media, tending current events, entertainment and technology, but the occasional outlier is accepted.

Quality will be your number one concern, and it’s generally a good idea to tailor your infographic to your chosen directory ahead of time. This will be essential if you’re to benefit from the audience that Mashable and others have spent years building.

5. Daily Infographic

daily infograph

Like Infographic Archive, Daily Infographic is a curated directory that aggregates quality content for a fee. $350 sounds pretty steep, but the site maintains a standard that reassures the visitors coming back each and every day.

The categories are quite broad, so you’re practically guaranteed an audience going through Daily Infographic.

6. Visualoop


Partnering with, Visualoop has expanded from its humble beginnings as a Tumblr blog. It’s now a roundup of effective data visualization techniques from designers around the world. For your work to be featured as a guest post on the site, you will need to register and contact the editorial board.

The site also posts a lot of industry-related content and acts as a news network for creators working in the field. In addition, lets users create their own responsive infographics using premium templates for an ongoing monthly fee.

7. Infographic Journal

infographic journal

Submission is free to Infographic Journal, and a wide range of categories are accepted. The site asks creators to include the title, an original description, a link back to the original location — which would be your website — and an embed code if possible.

Following this criteria will ensure the infographic’s publication and makes things easier for the team providing this free service. The staff also offers concept realization, promotion and marketing services to increase inbound links, traffic and brand awareness.

Publish Infographics in Your Own Visual Voice Online

While dozens of other infographic submission lists are available, many have lapsed in terms of relevancy due to un-updated content. Taking the time to submit to the infographic directories here should give your content the best chance of going viral. It should also boost the visibility of your site.

That said, continuing with your research isn’t a bad idea – especially if you’re leaning more toward paid options in place of free services run by fellow creators. Ultimately, where you publish infographics should depend on your audience and which channels you prefer to work with.

Got a favorite infographic directory that isn’t on this list? Share it in the comments below!

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