7 New Year’s Resolutions for Graphic Designers

Posted on December 29, 2014 | Updated on June 13, 2023

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers, like many other creative professionals, require a unique set of skills to be successful. Whether you freelance or work in an office, surely there are a few areas in which you could stand to improve in one way or another. Consider the following seven graphic design New Year’s resolutions as you prepare for the final weeks of the holiday push.

1. Nurture Your Personal Passion

Remember why you got into design in the first place, and nurture that reason. Many professionals tend to lose sight of their passions as they delve into the ritual of everyday design work to earn a paycheck. Think back to what appealed to you the most as you were first starting out. Take on projects that will allow you to nurture whatever it is you love best about graphic design. Or better yet, start a passion project on the side.

2. Blog More Often

This resolution is applicable in any industry, but blogging has continued to drive sales, increase exposure and help establish authority in the design world in particular. The more you blog and share those blogs via social media, the better you position your brand for greatness. Here are a few possible blog ideas for graphic designers, to help you gain a fresh perspective in 2015:

  • Relevant industry news
  • Latest trends in your particular area of design
  • Repurpose content you find meaningful, adding your own perspective
  • Ways you gain creative inspiration

3. Recognize and Save Inspiration for Later Use

Speaking of inspiration, as you’re researching information or happen to come across a design you love, bookmark it so you can return to it later. Keep a personal library of resources, adding to it every time you find something new you like. I like using Pinterest for this! Whether it’s an unusual font, a color scheme that moves you or a cool, uplifting design or logo, save it for later stimulus. Organize your resources in a way that makes them easy to find when you need them – or when you’re in a creative slump.

4. Initiate More Relevant Conversations

Don’t forget to keep your social media life current in 2015. Checking into your personal Twitter account every other day probably isn’t enough if you want to remain in the know and keep your name in the game. Initiate conversations with respected individuals in the graphic design world, and follow people and entities that will inspire and motivate you. Also, stay current with the trends and projected outlook for social media in the upcoming year. This way, you can tweak your social presence so that it’s working optimally on all the right platforms.

5. Leave Your Cave

Make it a point to change your scenery every so often. If you work from home, change it up and try a coffee shop or library for a change. If you design from an office every day, change the angle of your desk or hang some inspiring new artwork in your workspace. You could even look into coworking, if you live in an urban area that offers this new trend.

6. Create a Mastermind Group

Everyone can benefit from collaboration. Mastermind groups are groups of smart people who act as peer guides for one another and meet regularly for collaboration and support. Your mastermind group is your soundboard, part of your community and an extension of your network. Create a mastermind group and reap the benefits that come with the added confidence of knowing you always have a support group.

7. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn code. Or maybe you want to reach out to a potential client you have always dreamed of working with. Whatever it is that you’ve been talking yourself out of attempting, give it a try in 2015.

Exponential personal growth occurs when you break out of your comfort zone and aim for excellence. The process of growing and progressing can be messy. Don’t be afraid of failure or changing your goals along the way as you realize more about yourself and what you really want, both personally and professionally.

Success is measured by many things, and taking chances is one of them. What are your resolutions for the coming year?

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