Chapter 21: Best Auto Repair Shop Website Themes in WordPress

Posted on May 24, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

The auto repair industry can include solopreneur mechanics, garages with multiple employees and service centers. Finding the best auto repair themes to meet your needs takes time. We’ve cut out a lot of the hours you’d spend browsing by doing the legwork for you and finding a handful of themes we know you’ll love.

You can use many of the generic themes out there mentioned by other sites, such as the Astra theme. However, they aren’t specifically intended for auto repair businesses. The themes we’ve selected consider the unique small business needs of mechanics and others in the repair industry. 

What to Look for in Auto Repair Themes

As your business grows, you’ll realize word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best tools at your disposal. Happy clients tell others about your services. When they look for your information, your website needs to stand out as professional and informative. Here are some things you’ll need for an excellent auto repair business website presence. 

  • Responsive as many people will look on their phones
  • Contact information in a central location
  • Compatible with WooCommerce or a booking platform
  • Enticing images
  • Clean, uncluttered layout

The theme you choose should showcase your personality as a mechanic. What colors do you enjoy? What is the message you want to convey to potential customers? Once you have an idea of your brand message, it’s easier to select one of the options below. 

Our Favorite Auto Repair Themes

After looking at dozens upon dozens of potential themes, throwing out anything not specifically related to auto repair and considering good design elements, we came up with a list of five possible themes that will meet the needs of most mechanics. We also chose a favorite and dubbed it the winner. 

Automobile Mechanic

example of auto repair themes for businesses

When you buy the Automobile Mechanic WordPress theme, you get free installation support for $49. You’ll find extensive documentation for this option. Make the customizations that will set your website apart. The theme comes with features such as a banner slider, custom inner page banner, images and colors, responsive design, hide or show sections and WooCommerce support. 

This theme would work particularly well for someone just opening their own auto garage. It lends a professional look with the pre-loaded images, but you can also add your own as your business grows, customizing it further. 

Auto Mechanic

example of auto repair themes for businesses

Auto Mechanic is a free theme from Aster Themes. We love the dark mode of this particular theme as it is easy on the eyes and users can take their time browsing around. It is rich in beautiful images, with a hero shot at the top and boxed descriptions with additional photos. 

The theme was built for car-related businesses and features spots for essential company information, such as contact details, services and pricing. The Premium version runs $49 and adds on responsive design, customization options, a built-in page builder and demo content. 

The theme is SEO-friendly and integrates with WooCommerce and Google Fonts. Aster is known for being compatible with multiple browsers, so it functions well on almost any machine. 

Car Repair

example of auto repair themes for businesses

Car Repair is a child theme of Automobile Hub. What’s nice about this version is that it hones in on available services and has a “Book Now” call to action (CTA) button. The CTA drives conversions and puts new leads in the hands of the mechanic. 

Customize the themes in the options area and add things such as custom CSS or colors. The theme supports RTL layout. When you upgrade to Premium for $39, you gain WooCommerce compatibility, unlimited colors and more Google Fonts. 

If you are interested in additional themes, you can grab their entire bundle for $40 more, or a total of $79, which is a nice perk for those who own multiple businesses. In addition to other automobile themes, you’ll find ones in industries such as construction, travel, education, e-commerce and lawyer themes

Car Services Center

example of auto repair themes for businesses

Car Services Center is one of our favorite auto repair themes because of the bright pop of color and clean, boxed layout. This beautiful theme is fully responsive and lets you add showcase images to highlight your best work. The theme would work particularly well for a detailer or car tuner that adds products after the car leaves the manufacturer. 

Upgrading to the Premium version runs $39 but you may find a discount with a code, depending on your timing. They also offer access to all 45 themes on the site for $99, gaining additional options for your consideration. Premium adds custom CSS, CTA buttons, retina ready design and more slider images. 

Our Winner: Car Repair Services & Auto Mechanic

example of auto repair themes for businesses

Fresh from Theme Forest, the Car Repair Services and Auto Mechanic theme hits most of the notes small auto businesses need to thrive. The theme doesn’t have a free version. It runs a flat $69 for six months of support but unlimited use for a single site. You can extend your support for 12 months for another $21.38. The theme features:

  • Two possible layouts
  • Elementor compatibility
  • One-click installation
  • Retina responsive 
  • WooCommerce compatible 
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS 3

You’ll also love the pre-made color variations so you can grab a scheme and run with it. Some of the other features that make this theme stand out from the rest include an appointment page, estimate calculator and slick slider plugin. 

The bold use of images is what makes this theme. We also happen to love the sample logo. You could play on it and come up with something similar or stick to any outline logo for a unique look. 

Finding the Best Auto Repair Theme for Your Business

Auto repair themes have many similar features. Which one you choose may boil down to personal preference. Consider what your customers are most likely to respond to. Which theme showcases your personality as a brand? Any of the themes listed here will offer an excellent start for any automotive business. 

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