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Posted on June 2, 2020 | Updated on December 17, 2020

Graphic designers are the driving force behind beautiful, highly functioning calendars for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you’re designing a wall version or something digital, finding the best calendar graphics allows you to create a little extra oomph and make it useful for consumers.

There are many different types of calendars, such as lunisolar, solar, lunar and seasonal. Some also include calendar graphics for religious holidays, and some do not. However, there are two main types of designs. One shows the year, month and day, and the other the year, week and weekday.

Knowing which type of calendar you’re designing helps you pick a tone. You should also consider your users. If the design is for the younger generation, go with modern, fun calendar graphics. The secret to exceptional design is knowing what your target audience wants. Below are 10 sets of scalable vector graphics to help you add detail and personality to your work.

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1. Craft Direct

If you’re looking for calendar templates, Craft Direct offers a series of them by the month. You’ll also find matching printable party invitations and decor for each month. You can use just one month’s template or create something using them all. You’ll still need to add days and other details.

The design is more suitable for a personal calendar since the design is by Craft Direct. While they are free to use, you can’t resell for profit without permission. If you plan to sell your calendar or it is a design the client will profit from, it’s best to create your own template and use royalty-free calendar graphics.

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2. has some gorgeous vector files of calendar graphics, such as a scarecrow for Halloween and a Christmas tree for the holidays. Most are free to use, even for commercial. Check the licensing details on each graphic as you go through them, but the majority are available.

There are also calendar templates to give you an idea of some of the designs you might create. While they are from previous years, the designs are cutting-edge, and many could adapt to the current year.

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3. Free SVG

If you need a blank slate from which to start, this simple calendar template is a great choice. You can download the SVG for free and scale to size. In addition, you’ll find icons to use with your design, such as scripts of months, day images and symbols such as a pumpkin or maple leaf. You’ll find an icon for nearly anything you can think of and in matching style sets.

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4. Freepik

When you land on the Freepik website, you can search for any graphic you’d like. Calendar templates turn up some gorgeous graphics options, including in vector formats. You can also narrow your search by the type of images you want. You’ll find icons to use throughout your design. Not every image is royalty-free — the ones with a crown icon usually require a fee. You can sort according to your needs.

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5. VectorStock

You’ll find plenty of month labels on this site in a variety of styles. While you can certainly design your own, if you need some quick calendar graphics, grabbing a few of these is a real time-saver. Days of the week, numbers and symbols are also available. Narrow search results by using the filters on the site to ensure you find free graphics and the most recent uploads.

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6. Vexels

If you’re looking for complete calendar template sets, you’ll find many free options on this site. There are also have some licensed options, which you can buy for $5 for a single-use. You can also purchase a monthly subscription for access to all the premium templates and illustrations.

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7. Clipart Library

You’ll find many holiday calendar graphics sets on this site, including Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Easter. For just about any theme you want to go with, you should be able to find supporting drawings. You’ll also find sets for things such as pizza night, Taco Tuesday and birthdays. Whether you’re creating a personal family calendar or something for business purposes, you’ll find many choices.

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8. 123 FreeVectors

If you want a completed calendar template you can personalize a bit, you’ll find a nice range on this site. Add your own photo to personalize it or add a few special occasions in the boxes.

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9. Vector4Free

Create individual pages for specific holidays or ads to match your calendar. You’ll find an extensive collection of large-scale graphics, such as a modern Christmas tree or a giant Easter chick. You’ll also find some calendar templates.

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If you’re looking for dated calendar graphics, you’ll find both full-month templates and individual images on this site. Sort your searches by free or premium vector, so you can find what you’re looking for without spending money. You can get most things in SVG format for easier scaling up and down. Most of the free calendars are for previous years, but you can easily edit them to the current timeframe.

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Mix and Match

For the best calendar graphics imaginable, mix and match a combination of ready-made images, templates and hand-drawn sketches. The more unique you make your calendar while saving time, the more productive you’ll be. A beautiful calendar is a matter of knowing what elements work best together and creating something speaking to the user. It must be functional and attractive at the same time.

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