7 of the Best Website Optimization Tools in 2024

Posted on November 20, 2023 | Updated on January 9, 2024

Website optimization tools help improve user experience, speed, conversions and traffic to your site. These tools can help you maximize your website by showing you the areas that need improvement and viable solutions to existing problems.

Even a well-designed website can encounter various issues. Website optimization tools can diagnose these problems by pulling and analyzing data from visitors, buyers, etc. Website optimization may include SEO, web and graphic design, UX design, site performance audits, etc.

Here are some of the best free and paid website optimization tools you can use to keep your website in tip-top shape, attract more users and convert them:

Best Website Optimization Tools to Try Right Now

1. Hotjar

Pricing: From free to $213 per month with discounts for yearly plans

Plans: Forever Free, Plus, Business and Scale

Best for: User conversion behavior

You can visualize how users behave on your website with heatmaps, screen recordings, feedback and survey forms with Hotjar. It’s an impressive web optimization tool that shows you exactly what your website looks like from your users’ point of view. Using this data, you can identify what factors attract users to your site and how they convert.

The more you understand your users, the better. You can devise strategies to improve user experience and solve existing problems with the help of this tool. Hotjar has a free plan for small teams, including core features like heatmaps, screen recordings, limited store surveys and feedback, survey templates and interviews.

2. Google Analytics

Pricing: Free for basic plan and $12,500 per month for Google Analytics 360

Plans: Free and Google Analytics 360

Best for: Audience and content analysis

Google has a solid reputation as the world’s most extensive search network and can process up to 40,000 searches every second. You should rethink your current strategies if your site fails to appear in its search results. Subscribing to Google Analytics will let you check your site’s performance, including marketing, content, products, etc.

Google Analytics will also help you gather data about your website so you can develop better strategies to improve your website’s user experience, content and ranking, among other things. Gathering insights from your users and site metrics can help you design better business plans for your brand. Some features in the free plan include conversion reporting, advanced segmentation, customer reporting, real-time and flow visualization.

3. Yoast SEO

Pricing: From free to $229 per year

Plans: Free, Premium and Plugin subscription

Best for: SEO for WordPress and other websites

If you want to optimize your site’s content, consider using Yoast. This tool automates your technical SEO using current best practices with an easy-to-follow and understand platform. You’ll get ratings and suggestions about your site’s current status that will help you improve readability and search engine rankings.

Yoast offers plugins for Shopify and WordPress. The WordPress plugin plans cover different areas like local, video and news so that you can tailor your approach depending on your niche. This website optimization tool is great for teams of all sizes. Users praise it for its simplicity and intuitiveness.

4. SemRush

Pricing: From free to $499.95 per month for large-scale businesses with discounts for yearly plans

Plans: Free trial, Pro, Guru and Business

Best for: Content optimization

Semrush lets you create search-friendly content using your rival’s best practices to drive organic traffic to your website. This website optimization tool analyzes your content in real-time and recommends optimizing your text for SEO.

Users praise the tool for its included content template and SEO writing assistant due to its practicality and focus on content optimization. Optimizing your website’s content makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site, rate its value and suggest it to users.

5. Ahrefs

Pricing: Free for Backlink Checker, paid plans start at $99 per month with two months free for annual payments

Plans: Free tools, Lite, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise

Best for: Keyword optimization and backlink checking

Ahrefs is known as a powerful tool for keyword research and backlinks. You can get valuable data regarding the latest keyword ratings like difficulty, short and long tail keywords, etc. You can use the Ahrefs Backlink Checker to boost your site’s backlinking strategies.

One of the great things about this web optimization tool is it lets you check your competitor’s site to see where they’re doing well or lagging. Depending on your website audit and tracking, you can use that data to adjust or strengthen your existing strategies.

6. MOZ

Pricing: From free tools to $599 per month for large teams and businesses with a 20% discount for annual payments

Plans: Free trial, Standard, Medium, Large and Premium

Best for: Organic and local SEO, site audit, keyword research

MOZ is considered an all-in-one web optimization tool with many powerful features. Their on-page optimization capabilities can help you improve customer experience, boost rankings, and optimize your content. You can view your page optimization score in real-time and get actionable insights and recommendations.

Some of MOZ’s features include keyword research for SEO, site monitoring, keyword suggestions, website ranking, tracking, managing local listings and site audits. If you want to get insights into your users’ intents, consider adding this tool to your repertoire.

7. Screaming Frog

Pricing: From free to $259 per year

Plans: Free and paid versions

Best for: Checking overall site performance

Site audits are one of the most valuable ways to see how your site is performing. Screaming Frog gives you access to data to make critical business decisions and improve your campaigns’ overall effectiveness and site performance. 

This tool uses advanced web crawlers to scour your website and mark problematic areas for improvement. There are many factors affecting site performance. A tool automatically notifying you when it finds a problem is much more efficient than manually checking every aspect of your site. Some of Screaming Frog’s notable features include finding duplicate content, checking page indexing, finding and repairing broken links and analyzing page titles.

Make Web Optimization a Priority

It can be tiring to keep up with the best practices in web optimization as they’re constantly being updated. Having web optimization tools is necessary for businesses, marketers and brand designers alike to maximize their site’s potential. A holistic approach to website optimization will yield results and help entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

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