DIY Valentine's Day Cards for That Special Someone

Posted on February 9, 2017 | Updated on January 25, 2023

If there is ever a day of the year to reach out and let someone now you love and appreciate them, it’s Arbor Day. Wait, sorry, of course I meant Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air! A handmade card for that special someone shows that you put the time and effort into creating something unique with just them in mind.

Whether it’s a spouse, child, parent, friend, sibling, etc., let your V-Day creativity shine this year with these handmade card ideas.


Are you and your spouse tired of spending tons of money on commercial greeting cards holiday after holiday? A handmade card is the perfect gift because it is inexpensive and can be tailored to your relationship.

Courtesy of Alyssa & Carla

For example, you could use the instructions for the “I Love You More Than” DIY card by Alyssa and Carla, but instead of simply adding words, you could turn each heart into a coupon for things you know your spouse enjoys, like a back rub, favorite dinner or something spicier.

Significant Other

Courtesy of Camille Styles

Want to come up with a really unique DIY Valentine card for your significant other? This message in a bottle card by Camille Styles is unique, cute as a button and memorable. The message you put on the scroll is entirely up to you. You can inscribe a popular poem, write your own poetry, jot a few words about what you most love about your significant other or anything else your heart desires.

It isn’t as complicated to make this project as you might think. You’ll just need some pliers, supplies and a bit of creativity.


Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Do you want to make a special card for your child, niece, nephew or even god-child? Fortunately, there are many creative DIY cards kids will love. One favorite is animal candy huggers, which combine a cute animal cut out and the gift of a candy of your choice (chocolates work really well with this DIY card).

These Lia Griffith designed cards are also cute to make with your kids so they can pass them out to their friends at a Valentine’s card exchange at school. Simply print out the templates and make up a batch of your own. You could even give that special child in your life a whole basket of candy-hugging animals.


Courtesy of Family Focus Blog

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a parent? Bookmarks are almost always appreciated and can make a unique card or insert for a basic card. Not only can you put a meaningful saying on a bookmark, but it is something that most people will use. Of course, you can also give these cute bookmarks to anyone you choose. Perhaps your local librarian would appreciate being remembered on Valentine’s Day?

You can choose to go with a template such as that found at the Family Focus Blog, or you can come up with your own design, print it on card stock, decorate and laminate.


Courtesy of Plaid Online

There are some friends who simply stand the test of time, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to recognize how they are by your side no matter what. Plaid has a project for chalkboard mason jars that allow you to write your own message on the jar and fill it with your friend’s favorite candies.

The tutorial explains how to leave a clear heart window, so the contents can be seen. You can then write whatever you’d like around the jar, including favorite memories with your friend or a Valentine’s Day wish.


Courtesy of DIY Projects

If you can’t break loose and have a little fun with the card you give your sibling, then who can you break loose with? This card by the Idea Queen is a lot of fun. You take candy and shape it to look like a bundle of dynamite and tell your sibling they are “the bomb.” The tutorial even includes instructions for adding the fuse.

You could also change the saying to something like: “We always have a bang up time together.”


Courtesy of She Wears Many Hats

If there is one thing a teacher can appreciate and always use more of, it is school supplies. These cute pencils make a great gift for your child’s teacher. Give her a bouquet of them in a terra cotta pot to make a big statement. You could also gather a bunch of them together and secure with a pretty ribbon. Each heart can say different things, such as “You’re the ‘write’ teacher for me.”

These are made with pencils and construction paper, so even young children can help make these DIY Valentine’s Day cards.


Courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic

Good neighbors can be hard to find, so if you have good ones, be sure to remember them on Valentine’s Day with a cute treat. These card/candy bags make the perfect combination to show your neighbors just how glad you are that they live next door to you. You can even customize according to the type of candy your neighbor most likes, if you have that information. You could also offer them a variety, so everyone in the household can enjoy the treats.

Use the templates to create the bags, but you can also write a personalized message across the back or include a small note in with the candy. The “love bugs” with sour gummy worms are particularly adorable.


Courtesy of Real Simple

Sometimes you need to come up with a Valentine’s Day card that doesn’t fit into any of these categories. This concept from Real Simple for a race car DIY card is super cute. They suggest “You make my heart race” as the saying, but you could put any words related to a car on the card.

You could even buy a different type of vehicle, such as a truck or a motorcycle. For a boss, you might say, “You make the work day speed by.” Get creative, and you’ll come up with the perfect phrase for each person on your list.

Why Should You Make Valentine’s Day Cards?

Valentine’s Day is known for chocolate, flowers and cards. DIY cards make the day that much more special. With the ideas above, you should be able to come up with a unique card for every person on your list.

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