Chapter 22: Best Funeral Home Themes

Posted on June 5, 2024 | Updated on June 13, 2024

The death of a loved one is one of the most painful events for people. Funeral home owners can create an atmosphere that brings comfort and peace during the most devastating moments. While a business and a website won’t bring back someone’s friend or relative, it can make the process of planning their end of life celebration less stressful. Selecting the best funeral home themes involves knowing your target audience well.

The funeral industry is one that never runs out of customers, unfortunately. Finding a website design that shows respect and the seriousness of the occasion but still sticks to modern web design is challenging to say the least.

What to Look for in Funeral Home Themes

Funeral home websites must show your respect for the family of the dearly departed. They also have to check all the boxes in excellent design concepts and usability. Customers come from all walks of life, so the ages of clients will be anywhere from very young to very old, and everything in between. 

According to Statista, the funeral home market in the United States was around $20 billion, with a growth rate of 0.9% annually. Big numbers fail to accurately show the competitive nature of the industry, however. Nearly every town has at least one undertaker. Larger cities have multiple options.

To stand out from the crowd, you have to figure out the tone you want to take but also find ways to be a bit unique. Consider what people want most to honor those who’ve passed. What perks can you list on your site that might make them choose you over another parlor? The best themes bring a sense of professionalism but avoid stuffiness. Here are some things to look for:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Neutral color scheme
  • Contact page
  • Memorial pages/gallery
  • Straightforward navigation

Families are scattered, making travel impossible for some. Look for a theme that allows you to share streamed videos of services. You’ll also need an excellent web hosting provider with enough space and bandwidth to allow people to watch the service live from anywhere in the world. 

Our Favorite Funeral Home Theme Options

We use a process to narrow the options we share and select what we think are the best WordPress themes available in a given category. 


funeral wordpress theme screenshot for funeral homes


Funeral is a WordPress theme from VW Themes. You can buy it separately for $40 or as part of a package of other themes for only $99. The muted colors of the images give the theme a peaceful look that works well for bereavement services. You can make it look unique by customizing colors and adding your own photos. The design is fully responsive, translation read and compatible with WooCommerce. 

Obitore Funeral Home WordPress Theme

orbitore funeral home wordpress theme screenshot


This funeral theme from Radius Themes has a very somber and calming look. The obituary listings are a nice touch for a bereavement site. It comes with three possible homepage layouts, all focusing on searching for information on your loved one.

The obituary detail page has a nice layout that tells about the person, has a spot for photos and offers funeral details. For a single site, you’ll pay $39 per year. If designing multiple sites, you’ll want to upgrade to professional for $149 per year. They do offer a 20% discount on renewal fees. 

Final Path

final path wordpress funeral home themes screenshot


The dark mode design of this website is easy on the eyes. The theme offers a huge hero image across the heading of the site with a neutral color scheme. Bright colors can be jarring or seem irreverent, so the mix of hues for this design are perfect.

A personal license runs $67 and a commercial license is $87. Some of the better features include that ability to add team members, Google maps and dropdown menus. It comes with sample content to make building your funeral home website quicker. 


wordpress funeral themes screenshot of blessings


For $69, you gain access to three possible theme layouts and images. Pages are pre-built with one-click installation. If you’re looking for options for your funeral home themes, Blessings adds the ability to send flowers or buy memorial items. We love the bright, airy look of this theme. Funerals are also a celebration of someone’s life. Doom and gloom shouldn’t rule the day. This theme shows that you can have a lighter look while still being respectful. 

Our Winner: Beacon

wordpress funeral themes screenshot of beacon


Beacon is the perfect mix of professionalism and empathy. The bright call to action button is the only pop of color in the design but serves to draw the user’s attention to the goal of the page. Some of the best features of this theme include: 

  • Obituaries module 
  • Pricing tables 
  • WooCommerce compatible 
  • Alternative color schemes 
  • Funeral services page

The theme works with the Elementor plugin. Normally, we avoid the builders because they can be difficult to uninstall without breaking the site. However, the features and aesthetics of this design made it win the top slot for funeral home themes for WordPress. 

Unlike some themes, you’ll pay the license fee once and have access to the theme for life. A regular license is $69 with six months of support. You can extend the support time another six months for $21.38. Some of the benefits include receiving the theme and a child theme, detailed documentation, demo data and lifetime updates. 

Seek the Best Funeral Home Themes to Stand Out

Owning a funeral home can be stressful and competitive. Finding the right design for your website helps convince potential customers you’re the best option in the area. We chose the themes above based on the features they come with. In a service industry, it should be about what helps the customer and makes their lives a little easier during a tough time. Each of these themes can include obituaries and are easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices. Cremation and bereavement services will all benefit from any of these options. 

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