7 Must-Try Infographic Makers for Graphic Designers

Posted on September 21, 2023 | Updated on September 25, 2023

Infographics have become a staple in the online world. You’ll often spot them on social media, breaking down complex data into visually appealing and digestible formats. While nothing beats a tailor-made infographic by a skilled designer, there are times when budget constraints and tight schedules call for a quicker solution. That’s where an infographic maker steps in.

While these tools may have limitations, they provide a fast way to craft eye-catching graphics for your audience. If you’re curious about the leading infographic makers this year, use this list below.

1. Visme

Visme is an excellent infographic maker, popular for its large collection of templates for various content needs — from timelines to statistical information. Its user-friendly interface ensures even beginners can get started and produce professional-quality designs. 

Yet, what truly sets Visme apart is the tools at your disposal. Easily sync color pallets, choose complementary fonts and integrate videos with only a few clicks. Visme allows amateur designs to become expert creations, streamlining the process for everyone.


  • Extensive template library catering to diverse needs.
  • User-friendly for beginners and pros.
  • Seamless integration of multimedia elements like videos.
  • 100MB for storage.


  • Some advanced features may be locked behind a premium paywall.
  • Limited stock of images and GIFs.

2. Canva

Canva is a leading name in graphic design tools — notably popular among non-professionals for its user-centric approach. While it offers many design templates, infographics are among the top categories.

The platform has a knack for social media, offering templates tailored for various platforms. Therefore, it makes sharing your creations seamless. This focus on social media integration and features like scheduling and workflow make it a top choice, especially for enterprise users. 

Beyond its design tools, Canva gives users educational content featuring tutorials, articles and courses at zero cost.


  • Wide variety of templates, especially for infographics.
  • Made for easy social media sharing and scheduling.
  • No account creation is required to start creating content.
  • Download content in various formats, including PNG, PDF and JPG.
  • Up to 5GB of storage for free, 100GB for Pro and unlimited for Enterprise.


  • Premium templates are restricted to paying users.
  • Can be slightly overwhelming for first-time users due to its extensive features.

3. Venngage

Venngage positions itself as a free infographic tool. Though, it’s important to know that “free” isn’t all-encompassing here. Many of the templates are available for payment.

Venngage is more than an infographic maker — users can craft flyers, presentations and other visual content. A unique feature of Venngage is its initial questionnaire so that it can understand the purpose of your design. It then prompts users to pick from sample designs to gauge preferred styles.

Based on these choices, it suggests templates that can sometimes feel generic. For those new to the platform, Venngage offers a handy walkthrough to navigate its features.


  • Infographic templates are categorical, from statistical data to timelines.
  • Many design elements to choose from, like videos, photos and icons.


  • Free versions have watermarks on the design.
  • No available downloads for free users.
  • Size options are slightly limited.

4. Piktochart

Piktochart is a versatile infographic maker, enabling users to translate information into captivating designs. You can also use Piktochart for more than infographics — it offers the flexibility to craft presentations, reports and flyers. Piktochart is easy to use, so it’s accessible for beginners and experienced users. 

Its collection of templates provides a good starting point, allowing users to pick and customize according to their needs. While Piktochart’s toolkit is fairly robust, the platform’s simplicity and ease of use often win users over.


  • Intuitive design interface for all skill levels.
  • Various design options for infographics.
  • A wide template collection for quick starts.


  • You can only get two free downloads.
  • Some of the best templates and tools come at a premium.
  • Downloads only come in PNG and PDF.

5. Appypie Design

Appypie Design is part of the broader AppyPie suite, simplifying the creation process across various domains. The design tool caters to users seeking quickly produced graphics for business, personal or social media purposes. Its beginner-friendly interface makes it easy for those without a design background. The platform’s main strength lies in its AI-generated designs. An average user can make visually-appealing graphics with the use of a prompt.


  • User-centered, AI-powered design platform.
  • Many options for your design needs, from infographics to posters and social media graphics.
  • Unlimited graphics at only $6 per month.
  • Lots of images to choose from.


  • Watermarks on designs for free users.
  • Customer support is unavailable for free users.
  • Only four projects per month unless you pay for the Pro plan. 

6. VistaCreate

VistaCreate is a free design tool geared towards crafting beautiful visuals, infographics included. This infographic maker is especially useful for those who need more design experience. You can make infographics from thousands of design templates with ease. With a rich library of templates, users can also access customization features to fit specific needs.

Many users favor VistaCreate, particularly for its balance of simplicity and functionality. With ready-to-make templates, you can create infographics that speak to your audience easily. 


  • Easy to use for beginners and seasoned designers.
  • Color and photo customization options.
  • Background remover and layering.
  • Social media scheduling and posting.
  • Branding kit


  • Pay for premium designs and features.
  • Limited templates and animations for free users.

7. Snappa

Snappa is a straightforward graphic design tool that makes content creation quick and easy. It’s an ideal choice for those who need to whip up infographics in a pinch. With a streamlined interface, users can jump straight into designing without a steep learning curve. 

Snappa has a decent collection of templates, making it easy to get started. It also offers customization options to create attractive designs geared toward your audience. What makes Snappa different from other infographic makers is its efficient integration with social media. You can create a graphic and seamlessly share your content through Twitter or Facebook.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Built-in knowledge base and video tutorials.
  • Paid users get unlimited access to photos and videos.
  • Includes brand logos for your infographic.
  • Download in JPG and PNG file formats.


  • Three downloads per month for free users.
  • No photos or illustrations.
  • Limited customization options.

Use an Infographic Maker Right for You

An Infographic maker is a valuable tool for beginner graphic designers or when time is of the essence. These tools share common features, but the ideal pick should align with your needs and budget. Consider giving these tools a test run to find the best fit. Giving each infographic maker a spin will let you determine which you like the most.

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