Chapter 19: Best WordPress Medical Office Themes

Posted on May 22, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

An online presence helps a medical office reach potential patients while serving current ones. Whether you want a complete patient portal for accessing records and digitally accessing files or a quick rundown of what you have to offer, a WordPress site offers security and beautiful aesthetics. 

Small, private practices benefit from the cost effectiveness of WordPress medical office themes. We found a number with free versions. Even upgrading to a premium version of the web design is cost effective for small business owners in the healthcare industry. 

Some of the medical offices that might benefit most from these WP themes include dermatologists, dentists, family doctors and weight loss specialists. Medical offices cover a wide range of specialties.

What to Look for in Medical Office Themes

The HIPAA Journal reported in January 2024 that 61 data breaches were reported in January. Each breach involved 500 or more records. While the numbers seem astounding, it is a 22% reduction from December 2023. One crucial part of any medical office theme for your site is ensuring it’s updated frequently and resistant to cyber attacks.

WordPress is attractive to hackers, who know exactly what vulnerabilities to attack. Any medical office should install a firewall and virus protection at a minimum. It’s also a good idea to block IPs known to instigate DDoS and SQL injection attacks with plugins and shoring up code. 

Outside of seeking a secure theme that the developers update frequently to protect from cyber criminals, you will want themes that offer:

  • Excellent navigation
  • Secure logins
  • Compatible with shopping carts for online payments
  • Trust factors such as social media sites
  • Frequent updates
  • Ability to add provider information
  • About page
  • Blog

Many of the features that make an excellent medical office theme are the same ones you’d want for any business website. A blog gives you a chance to share your unique take and approach to healthcare issues. Adding provider info sets you apart from any other office. Look at the different sections of sample pages as that will provide a quick setup for most companies. 

Our Favorite Medical Office Themes

Designerly staff spent time looking through a variety of medical office themes. We narrowed the options down to those updated in the past 60 days. Anything over that indicates medical office themes that miss developer attention and could be susceptible to security issues. We looked for themes offering the points listed above as most desirable for medical providers. Here are our favorites.

Medical Care

medical office themes screenshot

Medical Care is a free medical WordPress theme with a large hero image across the top and a grid-based list of services you can add just under the header. The basic theme comes with features such as mobile-responsiveness and customizations.

Upgrade to the Professional version for only $40 and get add-ons such as a flexible layout, additional customizations, Google translate compatibility and WooCommerce integration. 

Callie Britt

medical office themes screenshot

Callie Britt is an excellent theme for a medical office with a one-person show, such as a psychologist or family doctor. One thing that works particularly well with this theme is the calls to action (CTAs) encouraging the user to contact. A huge hero image can be swapped out for one that makes the most sense for your practice. Just under are some listings of different types of treatment available. 

When you subscribe to Envato Elements, you can download unlimited themes, plugins and other graphics. An individual can access their assets for $16.50 per month. If you cancel your subscription, you can still use the theme but may not have access to updates. 

Doctor’s Profile

medical office themes screenshot

Doctor’s Profile offers a portfolio for a medical professional. It would be an excellent site for a surgeon to show his expertise but might also work for a dentist, podiatrist, diet doctor or other type of specialization. People tend to trust the person in the medical industry, so a portfolio page allows people to get to know the doctor behind the practice.

The SEO-friendly theme includes Font Awesome icons, a responsive design and different header styles. The professional version runs $21 and gives users access to any updates and better security. The navigation in this theme is at the top and to the point. Add a blog, contact info or share patient reviews. 

Medical Doctor

medical office themes screenshot

Medical Doctor uses a curved header to add a lot of visual interest to the design. We love the clean, minimalist look of this design. A stethoscope image wraps behind one of the image boxes and under the text to add some high-end design. The menu is superimposed at the top to grab user attention.

The layout is already in place, saving design time. Some of the features of the free theme include slides, customized logo and templates. Upgrade to Premium for $39 and gain a mega menu option, section enabler/disabler and a full-width page. You will also have unlimited slides, more templates and a contact us page template.

Our Winner: Mediclean

medical office themes screenshot

Mediclean grabbed our attention because of its clean lines and appointment booking option. A large hero image fills the page above the fold. The CTA is transparent, which gives the design a trendy, modern look desirable for medical office themes. 

You’ve likely noticed financial institutions and medical offices often turn to blue for their color palette. Blue is a color both men and women appreciate. It also signals a trust factor, pulling the user in and making them feel comfortable with the company. 

Some of the best features of this theme include: 

  • Custom widgets 
  • Featured slider 
  • Custom header 
  • Customizable menu 
  • Responsive 
  • Add logo 

Upgrade to Pro for $59 and gain more slider options, widgets, font families and footer customization. 

We love the way a blue tab highlights the page the user is on. As you mouse over the rest of the menu, the tabs follow along, creating an interactive navigational structure that holds interest. Adding social media icons to the top bar makes them easily accessible. 

The “Book an Appointment” plugin puts the tool right near the top of the page for easy user access. The call to action to pick a day and time is clear without being too jarring. 

Which Medical Office Themes Are Right For Your Business?

The healthcare profession requires years of education and training. Once you’re ready to open a practice, you want to ensure you put your best foot forward. Show off your expertise with one of these exciting medical office themes. Tweak it, change it and customize it into something uniquely your own. 

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