7 Modern Logo Design Trends for Inspiration

Posted on October 21, 2022 | Updated on October 21, 2022

If you’re a graphic designer, then you know design is constantly evolving. Therefore, keeping up with the latest trends is essential for gaining traction and dominating the market. 

This article will show what’s trending for modern logo designs. Some are going to be bold, while others are less constrained. Meanwhile, some logo designs are completely unconventional, defining a new aesthetic as we get closer to a new year. 

1. Inventive Typography

If you’re creating a text-based logo, many companies are using creative typography to showcase their brand’s personality. When you make your own custom font, you have the power to transform a simple logo into an innovative design.

Even your audience will appreciate your creative efforts. And you’ll undoubtedly capture their attention by crafting an entirely new logo.

Think about your brand’s personality and how you can capture the essence of it in your design. Remember, inventive typography is fun to look at but ensure you keep it legible for your audience. 

2. Hand-Drawn Logos

From doodles to scribbles and free-hand drawing, this is one modern logo design trending this year. Many seem to enjoy hand-drawn logos since they’re bold, transparent and quirky.

Plus, there’s nothing more unique than a sketched logo. No one else can copy your design because you’ve made it your own.

If you love the freeform design of a hand-drawn logo, consider incorporating this aesthetic into your logo this year.

3. Gradient

Gradient logos don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Many enjoy seeing shades of different colors transition seamlessly into one another.

This is also known as “breathing” — a 3D image that distinguishes itself through its various dynamics. To create a gradient logo, ensure you make all shades render completely in the logo for it to look good.

4. Geometric Shapes

Many brands are incorporating geometric shapes to give their logo more structure. In essence, these shapes are the building blocks of your design.

Therefore, knowing the meaning of each shape is crucial for attracting an audience. Modern logo designs often play upon different shapes to symbolize the brand. 

However, many designers ensure the logo doesn’t look too busy with these geometric figures. Instead, they keep it light, soft and simple like a stamp on a piece of paper. 

5. Disappearing Letters

A surefire way to gain your audience’s attention is by mystifying them with a piece of art. For example, text-based logos are now looking unfinished and using a fading appearance to keep them visually striking. 

Yet if you decide to go with the disappearing letters, be careful not to go overboard with the design. That way, viewers can still read and understand the brand. 

6. Static Motion

You may be familiar with TikTok’s logo, a glitchy-looking design that sends you back in time. Many brands have followed this trend since the social media platform took off. 

By embracing this look, you can tell it gives you a nostalgic feeling with a futuristic look. And static motion logos are versatile, which means you can use them for several industries.

Your audience will certainly feel the vibrations of your message when you use a glitch style for your modern logo design.

7. Thin Lines

A logo with thin, crisp lines gives you simple geometry and a beautiful aesthetic. The types of modern logo designs you’ll see are sans-serif fonts and a transparent circle in the background.

These designs don’t carry any thick lines or bold patterns. Instead, you’re getting an elegant piece that fits seamlessly onto different surfaces.

Incorporating Modern Logo Design Trends

You can see there are various trends for modern logo designs that you can follow for inspiration. Consider playing around with one of these trends and carry them throughout your own designs.

You’ll end up with a beautiful logo your audience loves and surely remembers. 

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