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Posted on October 15, 2019 | Updated on January 28, 2021

A good designer draws from a diverse range of inspirations and learns from many teachers. We’re more connected than ever — on the internet, it’s possible to learn from the work of designers across the world. The logo design blogs that show off this work are essential for any designer who wants to stay in the loop, be inspired or sharpen their design sensibilities.

There’s obviously a plethora of sites on the internet — more than one designer should have to sort through. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top logo design blogs.

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Formerly known as Logojoy, Looka offers a good variety of articles — everything from design trends in the cannabis industry to logo design basics. In addition to posts about logo news and design, the site also has graphic design resources and tutorials that any logo designer will find useful. You’ll also find the occasional piece offering tips and tricks about logo printing and sizing.

Less-experienced designers will probably get the most out of the Looka blog’s articles, but even pro logo designers will find many of these worth checking out.

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Logo Design Love

This logo design blog specializes in articles about logos and brand identity. Graphic designer David Airey runs the site but regularly features guest writers on topics like logo history and trends. Logo designers of all levels will find the articles on this blog informative and interesting — like its post on the branding and logo design for Mark Spencer, a forensic botanist.

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Logo Geek

Here’s another great logo design blog from a veteran logo designer and branding expert. The site stands out from others due to its advice focused on the business and administrative side of logo design — like efficiency tools, tips for communicating with clients and ways to upsell your services. Beginner designers may need to look elsewhere for more discussion of design fundamentals. Advanced designers, especially freelancers, will find this blog as an invaluable resource.

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This logo inspiration gallery also hosts an active design community along with resources for graphic designers. It allows users to submit their own logos and receive feedback from the community. The highest-rated logos of the month and of all time are displayed on the front page, along with the latest submissions.

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Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq’s blog provides updates on the latest in logo news — blunders, changes, rebrandings and logo retrospectives. This logo design blog is probably one of the more writing-heavy sites on this list. It is an outstanding resource for deeper dives into logo news or history.

You can browse the blog by articles tagged “logos” or check out the rest of their site for similar content written about a broader scope of design topics.

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Think Design

A wide variety of bloggers from different design backgrounds write articles on the Think Design blog. Many of the blog’s posts, like its breakdown of 2020 logo design trends, go deep to explain why good logos work.

This blog is an especially great resource for beginner designers who may need a better vocabulary or are interested in how more experienced logo designers see and talk about logo design.

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The Pixellogo blog offers a breakdown of successful logos, tips for freelance entrepreneurs and general advice for logo designers of all stripes. It’s an excellent resource for any logo designer.

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Daily Logo Challenge

You’ll find all sorts of resources for logo designers — including articles about graphic design software, hardware and online resources — on this site.

The blog is hosted by the Daily Logo Challenge, which provides daily logo prompts for novice graphic designers looking to build their portfolio, as well as anyone interested in flexing their logo design muscle.

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Logobee’s logo design blog focuses on logos and all things branding. It also hosts general graphic design resources and useful tutorials for logo designers of all skill levels.

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The Creative Edge

The Creative Edge houses resources and how-to guides for logo designers and those interested in everything branding. Its content targets all skill levels.

This logo design blog is hosted by 99designs, which hosts numerous logo and graphic design contests with cash prizes offered.

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An endless scrolling gallery of logos. Great for any designer that needs a little burst of inspiration.

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The LogoCore blog hosts design resources and a few step-by-step tutorials on how to design simple logos using vector graphics. These tutorials are aimed at beginner logo designers. While they were written with Adobe Illustrator in mind, they should translate fairly well to any vector-based graphics editor.

LogoCore also hosts the 30-Day Logo Challenge for logo designers looking for interesting logo prompts. The blog’s front page displays the challenge’s selected winners.

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JUST Creative

JUST Creative is the award-winning branding agency of designer Jacob Cass. Its logo design blog features articles on topics like new design trends, common symbolic elements in logos, online course lists and more. Beginner graphic designers will especially enjoy this blog’s articles on Cass’s logo design process.

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Logopond is a user-driven logo gallery with rating and comment features. Upload your logos, follow designers you love and discuss their work in the comments.

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This sharp logo design gallery also hosts its own logo-centric blog. The LogoLounge blog focuses more on logo news than other logos on this list, so it will probably be of more interest to advanced designers who want to keep up with the industry.

LogoLounge has also published a logo trend report every year since 2003. This resource is pretty incredible for designers, especially younger ones who may be less familiar with logos from the report’s earlier years. If you want to get a sense of logo trends’ shifts and developments over the past two decades, LogoLounge is the place to start.

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BP&O is the blog of British graphic designer and writer Richard Baird. It might be better described as a branding blog, but Baird’s design sensibilities and carefulness in describing how brands get built make it an excellent resource for anyone involved in branding — logo designers especially. The articles focus more on the conceptual side and will probably be most useful to experienced designers. But any logo designer will find Baird’s blog illuminating in one way or another.

Baird also curates the LogoArchive project, which collects and showcases logo design from the mid-to-late 20th century.

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Graphic designer Fabien Barral curates the Mr CUP blog. It contains images of branding, packaging and logos — a valuable resource for logo designers. The logos and packing highlighted here are more intricate and baroque than the cleaner fare of most inspiration blogs, which some designers may find useful. The Mr CUP blog also hosts useful design round-ups, like an article dedicated to Barral’s favorite fonts. This blog doesn’t feature much technical discussion, which makes it good for logo designers of all skill levels.

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This logo and branding gallery provides inspiration to graphic designers of all kinds and skill levels. It occasionally links to interesting branding- and logo-related articles.

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Additional Resources for Logo Designers

Any designer, especially a freelancer, will need to be well-rounded to turn their skill into a career. Marketing blogs, UX design blogs and logo design blogs written by industry freelancers or entrepreneurs will help you build the communication and web design skills you’ll need to succeed.

These sites aren’t the only ones out there, but they are some of the best and most accessible. No matter where you are on your design journey, the logo design blogs on this list are a must-have resource.

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