5 Popular Types of Graphic Design Styles in 2023

Posted on September 2, 2022 | Updated on August 16, 2023

Graphic design plays a prominent role in our daily lives. It can influence us to buy from our favorite brands and convey many meanings behind the design.

While a good design will enhance the appearance of a brand, it also forms a message. After all, graphic design connects with audiences through various shapes, images and colors.

Yet because there are various graphic designers worldwide, it can be challenging to keep up with all the new changes. 

As a graphic designer, it’s important to see what’s trending in the industry. That way, you can use it for inspiration and build your design portfolio. 

This article shows the most popular graphic design styles trending this year. 

1. The 90s

One of the most popular graphic design styles to date has gone retro. The most recent comeback is everyone’s favorite — the 90s. 

Lately, graphic designers have seen a wave of popularity coming from Netflix shows like Stranger Things and Cobra Kai. They’ve brought back the 80s nostalgia, which ushered neon colors and Gothic serifs.

Now, we’re reliving the 90s era of geometric shapes, brightly colored blocks, bubbly typography and thick outlines. 

Since this style has numerous aspects, creatives can play around with endless possibilities.

2. Vibrant Candy Colors

One trend that will help you stand out as a freelance graphic designer is creating highly vibrant candy-colored schemes. Many graphic designers use this style to capture the attention of social media users while scrolling. 

Because it stands out from the content clutter, you can see why users may gravitate toward these creations. 

One way to get started with this style is by implementing color theory to enhance your latest creations.

3. Doodles

Another playful style that’s trending in the world of graphic design is characteristic vectors. For many years, clean vector graphics were an element many businesses used to get close to their customers.

Now, it seems brands are going for a casual look by adding personality and a human feel.

These visuals are the perfect way to attract your ideal audience, often making brands seem more approachable. Whether you use doodles as a small element of your brand or make it the main theme, this style will surely have you come across as fun and witty.

4. Expressive Typography

Typography is an art form of its own. And in most cases, designers ensure the fonts are legible and carry the message of what the content conveys.

Of course, too many messages try to capture viewers’ attention and have difficulty standing out. That’s why it’s okay to use unique typography every once in a while.

However, expressive typography is best for when you are drawing full attention to the text. Instead of using illustrations or photography, consider sticking to font-use only and get creative with print campaigns.

5. Ukiyo-e Design

For many years, graphic designers have sought ways to revitalize the flat vector look. Now they’ve taken their inspiration from Ukiyo-e artists from the 17th to 19th-century era of Japan. 

This style of printed artwork was created using hand-carved woodblocks and sometimes paint. Think of one of the most famous artworks containing this style — The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Often, you’ll find it features flat colors, bold outlines and limited perspective techniques. 

Be Inspired by These Graphic Design Styles

These graphic design styles might seem wildly different. From bubbly doodles to the 90s flashback, they all have one thing in common — they are certainly unique.

If you want to fulfill your graphic design portfolio with the latest trends, consider playing around with the ones listed here.

You might not have to master them all at once, but they will surely be fun to recreate this year.

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