Unique Video Marketing Ideas to Help Boost Brand Awareness

Posted on July 25, 2022 | Updated on July 10, 2023

Videos are excellent marketing tools that support various marketing and business objectives, including brand awareness. Brand awareness is the key to establishing your household name. When using unique video marketing ideas to develop your company’s identity, you have the power to make your brand memorable and grow your audience effectively. A successful brand awareness strategy is key to growing recognition and building consumer trust. Once you use video to familiarize your brand with customers, it can eventually lead you to more sales. 

Why Use Video for Brand Awareness?

According to Wyzowl, 81% of marketers said video marketing helped them increase sales. Moreover, 86% of companies expect to continue using video as part of their marketing.

Video can be a powerful tool when using it correctly. Numerous businesses use it because it provides transparency, increasing trust with your customers. Additionally, it’s one of the most engaging forms of content in the marketing landscape.

You’ll also want to use video for brand awareness because of the several benefits it can provide. 

Branded Video Content Benefits

Here are the top benefits that branded video content can provide your business.

1. Increases Engagement

Video is a more engaging type of content because it has the power to strike various emotions. Plus, it encourages people to like, comment and share. 

2. Sparks Conversation

Video content can ignite a conversation with your audience. You can use it as a communication channel to provide customers with various details and consistent messaging.

3. Captivates

You can also use video to tell your brand story and paint a picture of your products. Stories are captivating to people and they can help you demonstrate your authenticity. In turn, it builds recognition and builds authority among your audience.

Unique Video Marketing Ideas to Increase Brand Awareness

Video is a great way to increase brand awareness. Of course, you have several directions to go, but it depends on what type of message you want to convey in your video. 

With this in mind, here are unique video marketing ideas to help you boost your brand awareness.

1. High-Quality Product Videos

Whether you sell a product or service, you’ll have a good chance of reaching new customers by demonstrating your offering in action. Moreover, creating a high-quality video with editing software to capture your product is a great way to engage and bolster your brand.

However, it all depends on what product or service you sell. For instance, suppose you own a skincare brand. It helps to have a model or influencer demonstrate their experience with your product and show the results. 

If you sell a service, you could show your audience how easy it is to use and how much it can benefit them.

2. User-Generated Video Content

Encourage your existing customers to create a video of your product or service. Instead of using an influencer to promote your product, your customers may want to see relatable people demonstrating it. 

User-generated content is more authentic than creating a polished-looking video. That’s because most people see that a perfect video is obviously an advertisement for your brand. When your audience sees real people behind the brand, they’ll see your content as more credible. 

Additionally, this type of video is more engaging to users, especially for brand advocates. 

3. Go Behind the Scenes

Share your brand’s story and give your audience a glimpse into your company’s culture. When you introduce your brand to your audience, you can let employees share their side of the story to humanize your brand. 

You could even consider giving your audience a tour of your business. Show them how your products are made. Or go into detail about how you serve your clients. 

Going behind the scenes is one of the most unique video marketing ideas because it can make your brand more memorable. Plus, it will show off who your brand is and construct more authenticity.

4. Create Video Infographics

Highlighting visuals instead of text can make for a much better video in grabbing your audience’s attention and helping them retain more information. You can get your point across using infographics to highlight how your product or service works. 

While infographics in a blog or social media help, using them in a video can be more fun and effective at engagement. Plus, breaking down statistics can show how your brand is authoritative in its industry.

Consider using infographics to show off the best parts of your brand when creating a video. For example, if you offer web design, you can showcase the usage statistics of hiring a web builder versus building a website on your own. 

5. Use Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are excellent because they can give your audience a deeper understanding of your brand and its products. 

Most explainer videos focus on how consumers may overcome their problems when they purchase from their brand. For example, you can show off your brand’s product by describing the difference they can make in their lives compared to other companies. 

Ultimately, you can make it unique by playing into the customers’ emotions and showing them how much your offerings will serve them.

Use Video Content to Boost Your Brand Awareness

Video can be the most powerful form of marketing when your goal is to increase brand awareness. However, ensure you do it well by creating unique content that relates to your audience. Using these strategies can foster more attention to your brand and attract new potential brand advocates.

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