5 Ways to Design Elegant Business Cards

Posted on December 16, 2022 | Updated on November 9, 2023

Having an eye-catching and classy business card leads to a realm of new opportunities. Every time you send a card out into the world, there is a connection and chance for someone to hear your name. Learn how to design elegant business cards and grow leads below.

Business Card Relevancy

In a lightning-fast digital world (and a contactless post-Covid one), some people think that business cards are fading into obscurity. However, there is still great merit in funding this endeavor. Think about handshakes and coffee meetings. Those business communication methods are still firmly in the physical world and remain an important way to judge character and build trust. 

In a similar way, handing out a business card shows the recipient that the owner is a reputable and serious person. The process of giving something from a wallet or pocket is also a personal act, showing that they are committed to getting to know the other person. In an instant, the card owner has initiated trust and companionship with someone new. 

Additionally, a business card is a quick and easy way to send your contact information out into the world. Networking is vital for making connections and growing partnerships or customers. Having your address and number readily available and not shuffled away on an email thread or jotted down on a napkin is a sure way to establish a firm connection. 

Always care at least 10 business cards with you. Future relationships may be waiting at the gym, the vegetable aisle, the skate park or the mall. You never know when conversation may strike. 

What Should Be On a Business Card? 

There is some essential information that should be on a business card. As designers and marketers, you like the creative side of life and putting flair on a project. However, whether this card is for your service or a clients’, sticking with the bare bones information is key. Too much information can crowd and confuse the recipient. 

Here are the necessary points to place on elegant business cards:

  • Logo: Like the saying says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Logos are usually already eye-catching and dynamic, so place these designs front and center to allow the recipient to remember the details longer. 
  • Company Name: This is probably the most crucial information. If it is hard to figure out what the card is even advertising, then the recipient might forget or discard it. Make sure they know who you are right away.
  • Name and Title: No matter who you are at the company, your voice matters. Ensure that the recipient knows who they are talking to during your conversation. 
  • Contact Information: This can be the physical address for the business, the email address, phone number or social media usernames. Only add what you are comfortable sharing with unknown people. 
  • Motto: Try out a pithy phrase or company tagline that gives some insight into the ideals and services of the business. While this is not totally necessary, it can give some humor or build trust in the card’s owner. 

Making an Elegant Business Card

Implementing these essential elements into elegant business cards is as easy as these 5 tips. Knowing how to design for eye-catching elements, as well as classic style, is important for all designers, marketers, and industry professionals. 

1. Color Choices

Colors can make people feel a certain way. A vibrant yellow is much happier than a deep, purplish blue. The color of your business card should reflect a classy and professional mindset. Some common colors for business professionals are browns, blues, green, and whites. Check out these codes below that emulate an elegant style. 






Brown gives off a warm, natural vibe. Earth tones are historically used for neutral settings and provide a feeling of comfort for many people. These warm tones are perfect for elegant styles. 





Deep blues with cool tones give the feeling of professionalism and intelligence. Warm tones are also comforting but sometimes supply a melancholy mood. Experiment with the undertones for the perfect blue. 




Green is a natural color and supplies a feeling of growth and peace. For a relaxing vibe, utilize green on your elegant business cards. 

2. Fresh Fonts

One key aspect of a business card is its size. Unfortunately, you cannot zoom in on real-life paper, so it is important that your words are legible in font and size. As a general rule, do not add more than 2 fonts on the card, as that can become a busy design. 

Ensure that the most important information is the largest. The company name and logo should be the center of attention here. 

For fonts, consider a serif or sans serif font. Serif font has a little embellishment on the edges of the letters, while sans serif does not. Sans serif fonts usually are seen as easier to read, but serif fonts have an elegant style. There are databanks of fonts you can try to see which fits your brand personality the best. 

3. Minimalist Style

Sometimes the best design is no design. White space is the gaps between text or photographs on a project. Your business card can have a sleek and professional look by utilizing white space to a degree. Three lines of text can usually get the job done. The company name on the first line followed by the tagline below is a great opener. The third line can house all contact information. 

 Make sure that all the proper information is there, but allow emptiness to pillow the design elements with grace. 

4. QR Codes

Take your elegant business cards into the future by utilizing efficient technology. QR codes take the recipient directly to your home website, where they can bookmark for later usage. You could also link to a reviews page so that the user can see exactly what type of service you do. 

QR code makers can be free and easy to generate. Experiment with some websites to see how a QR code can enhance your card. 

5. Get Creative

Elegance does not mean boring. Though white space and minimalism are vital to professionalism, you can also give yourself opportunities to get creative. Think about what your business provides and how an innovative shape or style could take the networking conversation over the top. 

For example, a tutoring company may print their cards on what appears to be notebook paper, creating a memorable moment for students and parents. Useable designs can also amaze the recipient. A recent trend with florists and landscaping professionals is business cards made with recycled paper and seeds. When composted, the paper flourishes into a beautiful plant. This invites imagination and pushes for immediacy in the contact. 


With elegant business cards, you can meet new people anywhere. Even better, the attractive design will entice the recipients to remember to give you a call or jot down your number into their contacts. Locking down networking touchpoints is essential for any industry professional, and now you have the tools to venture out into the world as a skilled designer and owner of your own elegant business cards. 

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