Chapter 4: Best Pet Grooming Themes for WordPress

Posted on December 5, 2023 | Updated on June 11, 2024

People who adore animals often turn to fields where they can be around critters all day. Pet grooming is a needed service in high demand in most areas. Whether you run a mobile truck or you have a shop, getting the word out and building a client base is crucial to your success. When setting up a website to draw in new leads, you’ll want to consider pet grooming themes geared to your industry. 

Global Newswire recently released a report about the state of pet grooming services in the United States. The report covers 2023 and makes some predictions through 2028. Experts estimate a 5% annual growth rate over that time period, taking the market value from $10.17 billion to $13.03 billion. 

Unless you live in an oversaturated area, there’s plenty of room for growth in this industry. Although Petsmart and Petco have a huge portion of the market share, not everyone wants to take their dogs to those locations. Some people want more of a spa experience and others want the one-on-one attention of a devoted groomer who will work with an anxious dog. features thousands of themes for WP users to download. Private repositories and designer sites add even more options to the mix. Narrowing down the available ones to just pet grooming themes takes time. 

Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you by deciding what pet groomers most need from a theme and then sorting through the selections.

What to Look for in Pet Grooming Themes

Pet grooming businesses have some unique needs. It’s a service business but it’s also okay to get a bit cutesy to attract clients who want their fur babies to look adorable. Some of the things you’ll want to make sure your pet grooming themes have include: 

  • Fun look
  • Trust factors such as contact information and social media
  • Place for customer testimonials
  • Integrates with scheduling software
  • Mobile responsive

Keep in mind that most people access the internet at least part of the time from their smartphones. Look for a pet grooming theme that adapts to smaller screens. If a user comes to your site on their mobile device, they should get the same or a similar experience as when accessing on a desktop. 

Our Favorite Pet WordPress Themes

We spent time sorting through the available pet grooming themes and found options that are free with pro versions so the site can grow as your business grows. We made sure each theme had the features mentioned above and then started narrowing down the choices based on which ones had the most elements, if it offered a free or inexpensive version for someone starting on a shoestring budget and whether it was aesthetically pleasing.

Animal Pet Shop

pet grooming themes

Animal Pet Shop would work well for a grooming business or one that offered a range of services, including pet boarding and transportation.The theme is a child theme of Pet Care Zone, so you will need to download both from The Magnifico. 

Animal Pet Shop features a navigation bar that makes moving around your site intuitive. A gorgeous hero image grabs attention and includes a call to action (CTA) button to convert browsers into clients. We also like the boxes for services with the page you’re on highlighted in a dark blue. 

While you can adjust the colors and customize the theme, we really like the blue and green they’ve chosen for the demo. 

Pet Care Clinic

pet grooming themes

We love the entire look of the Pet Care Clinic theme. The huge hero image at the top grabs attention and the theme integrates easily with appointment software plugins. One thing to keep in mind with this theme, though, is that you may need a bit of coding knowledge. The theme doesn’t seem to be upgraded any longer so you may need to make changes here and there or hire someone to do so for you.

Still, we liked the look so much, we felt it should be included. The content boxes are exactly the type of material that pulls readers in and brings traffic to your site. 

Car Services Center

adapting themes for pet grooming

A car-based theme? You might wonder what this is doing in an article about pet grooming themes. We wanted to show how you can take any theme from any industry and customize it to work for your needs. The Car Services Center theme has a nice layout that would work well for any type of service business. 

Picture your logo in the header, an image of a cute dog in the hero box and your client dogs in the service boxes along with a list of what you offer. Add a “Book an Appointment” CTA button and this theme works for any type of pet groomer.

Dog Breeder

pet grooming themes

Dog Breeder is another pet grooming theme we love. This one is updated quite frequently and features places for photos and descriptions on the home page. The design is a child theme of Pet Care Zone. Our top choice for pet grooming themes is a different child theme, so we’ll talk more about the main theme below. 

Note the white space surrounding the images that helps set each one off. We also like the curved edge at the bottom of the hero shot to give the feeling of motion.

Our Winner: Animal Pet Care

pet grooming themes winner

Animal Pet Care is also a child theme of the theme Pet Care Zone. We focused on the child theme specifically because we love the look of it for a grooming business. Note the scalloped edge along the bottom of the hero image that makes one think of using clipping shears.

We love the service circles as a nice geometric addition that showcases what you do. If you only offer grooming, you can use the circles to show different things about your process that makes it preferable for the viewer’s pet.  

You’ll also gain a price comparison table and integrations with a variety of plugins. The theme is mobile responsive and easy to set up and customize. We like the brown and yellow color scheme, but you can use your brand palette.

Select the Perfect Pet Grooming Theme for Your Brand

Finding just the right theme that draws users in and makes them want to hire you to groom their pet requires a lot of attention to detail. We’ve done the heavy lifting of helping you find themes that might work best for pet groomers. Try all of them or choose your favorite and get your online presence set up today so you can start booking new clients tomorrow. 

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