Chapter 13: Top Photographer Themes for WordPress

Posted on March 14, 2024 | Updated on June 11, 2024

Photography is a highly rewarding and creative career. Whether you shoot images and post them on stock photo sites for sale, or you take portraits, most professionals specialize in one area or another. Finding the best photographer themes requires knowing your brand personality and finding the right mix of features and aesthetics to show the online world who you are as a photographer.

Those who shoot weddings, senior portraits and family photos may need more of a gallery-based site as well as a behind-the-scenes members-only area where people can access their proofs and make selections on what they wish to buy.

Artists who conduct commercial shoots or take a more wide approach will need a way to sell prints or book meetings. Finding the perfect WordPress theme to match your needs could take you days. 

Fortunately, we spent some time looking through what’s out there and came up with a selection of the top photographer themes that will help almost anyone in this field put their best foot forward.

What to Look for in Photography Themes

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 47,380 people work in the industry. Wages range from $26,000 per year in the lowest 10% to $82,450 per year in the upper 10%. The median wage for a photographer is about $40,170 per year, but this can vary if the person sells photo accessories and other options. 

Depending on your specialization area, your wages can also vary, similar to any other artistic endeavor. In addition to the themes we’ve chosen below, you should consider small business themes as an option for your photography website. 

Some of the things you’ll want in a photography theme include:

  • Gallery to display your best work
  • Shopping cart if you plan to sell physical products such as prints, blankets, wall hangings
  • Clear contact information
  • Simple navigation
  • Member area where people can grab their proofs online
  • Compatibility with booking plugins

One of the best ways to figure out what you’d like for your photographer website is to study what others have done. Take notes on the things you like and narrow down your options to a list of must-haves. 

Some of Our Favorites

We went through dozens of photographer themes and came up with a list of our top choices that will suit the needs of most professionals. 

Fashion Photography

photographer themes

The free Fashion Photography theme has a nice, soft layout that would work well for family or wedding photographers. The home page layout features a wider and taller image to the left and additional showcases to the right in a grid pattern. The About Us section sits just below the featured images.

All sections offer a toggle on or off, so you can hide what you don’t want. Customize the logo, site title and tagline. Add your own images. Upgrade to Premium for $39 and gain additional customization options, multiple blog layouts and installation support. 

Chique Photography

photographer themes

Chique Photography is a child theme of Chique. The child theme gives you some unique features perfectly suited for photographer themes. Note that this particular theme has a left sidebar menu rather than a horizontal one, putting the focus on the image first. The call to action (CTA) button invited the user to discover more about the photography studio.

Social media icons sit near the button of the left sidebar. Upgrade to the Premium version of the responsive Chique WordPress theme for $59.99 per year. You’ll gain options such as a promotional headling, shopping cart, header media, logo slider and a gallery. 

Gutenify Photography

photographer themes

Gutenify Photography showcases unique photos to clue people in to the personality of your brand. The large hero image fills the top of the fold. A social media meu is superimposed on top of the image. You can also add a title and tagline. Pay attention to the negative space in your photographs to choose the best one to work with this theme and present your work to advantage. 

The block-based theme offers a yearly subscription for $59.99 for a single site. You can also buy a lifetime license for a one-time payment of $179.99. Some of the features in Gutenify Pro include WooCommerce compatibility, additional templates, advanced slider options and an advanced gallery. 

New Photography

photographer themes

New Photography has a vintage look that reminds one of film negatives. If you’re looking for photographer themes that bring in the tradition of your family photography studio or give a nod to professionals who came before you, this one gives you an opportunity to showcase a wide range of work. 

Some of the features of the theme include header image zoom, breadcrumbs, custom colors and fully responsive. If you upgrade to Premium for $59.99, you gain animations, all Google fonts, an image slider, gallery and shortcodes. 

Our Winner: Zubin Photography

photographer themes winner

Zubin Photography is a child theme of Zubin. It’s the perfect layout for those who shoot portraits for senior photos, weddings or sports teams. The layout features:

  • Large hero image at the top
  • Gallery layout of additional featured images
  • Responsive design 
  • Primary menu 
  • One-click setup 
  • Social media footer 
  • Featured page slider

The Zubin theme offers a professional option. Upgrading gets you additional elements, such as:

  • Custom colors and themes 
  • Secondary menu 
  • Top header menu 
  • Header top social menu 
  • Album 
  • Comment options 
  • Gallery 
  • Additional site layouts

The upgrade is $59 but applies to all their child themes, including the photography one. 

How to Choose the Best Photographer Themes to Grow Your Business

Figuring out which photography themes showcase your work in the best light requires some trial and error. Try different options until you encounter the one that works for your needs. At a minimum, a nice gallery layout allows you to show off some of your best photos and clue potential clients into what you do. 

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