Web Design

Have you ever wondered how to become a top-rated web designer? Perhaps you want to specialize in a certain industry or try your hand at some of the latest trends.

Designerly covers topics from beginner to advanced to help you take your web design work to the next level. Unlike other types of design work, web design is very specific to online. The work involves planning, arranging and publishing designs on websites for the end user.

Web design might include both front-end and back-end work, some coding and graphic design tasks. Freelancers may also have to wear other hats, such as marketing and sales to find new clients.

Whether you work for a company as a web designer or work on your own, there are some topics that help you take your skills to the next level. Web design tasks encompass a wide range of elements, including how usable your site is and the platform it resides on.

Become a Web Designer

Beginners will appreciate our tips on how to become a designer and run a freelance business. With around 174,300 web developers in the United States alone, there is still plenty of growth in the industry for newcomers to find a job.

We cover topics such as the best web design school to attend, how to start in the business and how to run your own brand.

More advanced designers already working professionally will appreciate articles such as how to improve website conversion rates and whether to use a Z-pattern or F-pattern design for your next website project.

Gain Inspiration and Insight

Although the articles teaching skills are invaluable, you may find you appreciate the ones with inspirational examples on web design the most. For example, you can view some of the top websites on the internet and see how you might implement elements into your own work.

You may also want to spend a little time on our website awards page and see why we feel the winners deserve a nod for their excellent work.

Web design is a rewarding career that varies from day to day. You’ll never get bored, and you’ll always have new trends or skills to build along the way.