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Posted on October 24, 2023 | Updated on October 27, 2023

The Cowboy state is expansive, yet home only to just under 600,000 residents. Its sweeping rural lands show more potential than some realize. The graphic designer salary in Wyoming may be vastly different from urban areas like southern California or Washington D.C. However, comparing wages to the cost of living could foster a well-balanced lifestyle. You can work remotely or in the office — it is your choice. Learn more about the opportunities in Big Wyoming.

What Is a Good Graphic Designer Salary in Wyoming?

Several factors play into what you earn, no matter where you live. Analyze these factors and how they relate to your experience before viewing any numbers because they could fluctuate. Influencing factors include:

  • Experience: Years in the field, whether voluntary or employed.
  • Education: Having related degrees.
  • Industry: What niche you’re working in, from automotive to fashion.
  • Company type: Small business versus corporation.
  • Location: Capital city versus rural town.
  • Role: You could be a team lead, entry-level designer, or design specialist, ranging in pay.
  • Contract type: Are you an independent contractor, salaried employee, or have the ability to obtain overtime?

All these considerations aside, Wyoming’s average graphic designer salary in 2023 ranges from $41,150 to around $64,000, or the equivalent of $19.78 to $30 hourly. These packages may or may not include benefits. You may be hired immediately into the higher or lower end of the scale, depending on the above factors. Some companies may force you to start at the entry-level regardless so they can train you from the ground up with their corporate practices. 

Want to be a freelancer? That will make all of these dollar amounts invalid. Because of the inconsistent nature of freelancing and the fact that it can have an international market, there is no ceiling on how much you can earn. It depends on your marketing, networking, and online presence. It is possible to achieve more than every other graphic designer in Wyoming. Still, developing a consistent foundation and flow of converted leads requires a great deal of effort.

What Is the Cost of Living in Wyoming?

Knowing the salary is one thing, but you must compare it against the cost of living. That will determine if the pay is worth moving or staying in the state. It has one of the lowest cost of living rankings in the nation. An index score of 100 indicates the average cost of living across the country, and Wyoming scored below that with a 97.5 in 2023. 

Everything from housing to transportation is cheaper than other areas. However, graphic designers — especially freelancers without health care or private insurance — must consider health costs. Wyoming has a well-above-average average cost of health care, with a score of 145.2. The other mitigated costs may make up for this, but it is vital to note because it is much higher.

Lifestyle will also factor into the cost of living. If the main tourist attractions of Wyoming don’t appeal to you, then it may be cheaper to live there unless you plan to travel outside of the state for vacations. Because of its gorgeous scenery, Wyoming residents enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and skiing. If these are not your style, you may save on in-state travel expenses that make the graphic design salary in Wyoming feel heftier.

What Are the Highest Paying Cities in Wyoming?

You will generally find similar average graphic design wages throughout the state, except for a few discrepancies in its larger cities. It also depends on where the highest-paying companies are located, which varies.

For example, the highest-paying companies for graphic design in Wyoming are Meta and NVIDIA, located in the state’s capital, Cheyenne. Other high-paying companies like Apple, PayPal, Google, and Houzz tend to be significant tech organizations. The salaries for designers in these companies range from $91,000 to over $103,000. However, the specialties featured on your resume may influence what sectors pick you up as a designer.

Apart from these outliers, the highest-paying cities all have the same average pay of around $20 per hour. Those cities include:

  • Evanston
  • Jackson
  • Cheyenne
  • Riverton
  • Sheridan
  • Casper
  • Rock Springs
  • Green River

Analyses show graphic designer salaries in Wyoming are impacted by sector. Technology is the best place to go to find above-average wages. Other notable industries include manufacturing, finance, and media. Keeping an eye out for these niches might help you hit the higher salaries available in the state.

What Job Title Should I Aim For?

The title of graphic designer feels like a limited box, but there are numerous positions in the field. More specialized roles appear as web design and social media marketing get more complicated. Solidifying a high salary may mean honing in on a focus or becoming a team leader. What positions do you want to train or aim for to get higher pay? What do those positions entail other than making designs?

Lead Designer

A lead designer can wear many hats. The job means the individual leads a static team or heads decision-making and creative ideation for a specific or many projects. The lead designer may have to expand into different creative outlets, such as multimedia, websites, or traditional advertising realms. To be a leader, they are expected to be versatile and prioritize teamwork and communication. The average salary for this position in Wyoming is around $96,000.

UI/UX Designer

This could be one or multiple positions. User interface and user experience relate to each other but vary in responsibility. User interface focuses on accessibility and fluidity in a design, ensuring the interactive aspects of the design are user-friendly. User experience requires research on user habits and behaviors that influence designs. The average salary for this position in Wyoming is around $78,000. Interactive designers sometimes fall under this umbrella as well.

Visual Designer

There are subtle differences between a straight-up graphic designer and a visual designer. Visual designers primarily focus on aesthetics, suggesting and implementing improvements that make pieces more artistic while maintaining usefulness. The average salary for this position in Wyoming is around $67,000.

Senior Marketing Designer

After ascending the ranks of other levels of marketing designers, you might become a senior or lead marketing designer. This person is the bridge between marketing specialists and the design team. They know their audience, market needs, and company revenue. Then, they guide designers to create marketing materials reflecting these metrics while considering the company goals. The average salary for this position in Wyoming is around $104,000.

Graphic Designer Salary in Wyoming Provides a Future

Whether you work for a local or international company, there are plenty of places for graphic designers to flourish in Wyoming if you want to make a home there. It is essential to know a lower population does not correlate with fewer opportunities. Still, it is essential to acknowledge it may take longer to find what you are looking for depending on what you want from a graphic design gig. 

Take your time, and Wyoming’s ideal graphic design salary will fall into your arms. It will be enough to provide a content life no matter what corner you’re in.

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