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Posted on April 14, 2023 | Updated on October 27, 2023

Graphic designers are crucial, as they create visuals that attract targeted audiences. They use many forms of media to create designs that engage and captivate viewers.

If you’re considering a graphic design career in Kansas, knowing the salary range is essential to make a good career decision. Here’s an overview of a graphic designer’s salary in Kansas and what to expect.

Factors Affecting a Graphic Designer’s Salary in Kansas

Many factors can affect the salary of a graphic designer in Kansas. Understanding them enables you to approach your employer with negotiation and learn steps to take in your career.

One thing that affects a salary in any profession is education and experience. In Kansas, graphic designers with a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience typically earn higher wages.

Industry and company size can also affect how much a graphic designer makes. Suppose you work in marketing or public relations. Graphic designers earn higher salaries in these areas because of the higher demand for their skills. Also, working for a larger company may offer more earnings than smaller ones.

The location within Kansas can even affect the money you make. For example, graphic designers in urban areas like Wichita and Kansas City tend to earn more than those in rural areas. That’s because there is often more demand for these creatives in larger cities.

These are some of the most important factors to consider when making career decisions.

Average Graphic Designer Salary in Kansas

Kansas is in the midwestern region. It has a diverse economy that includes real estate, manufacturing and health care. According to IBISWorld, the state’s GDP was $162.2 billion in 2022 — a 0.9% increase from 2021. The largest employers in Kansas are the government, health care and manufacturing.

As for graphic designers in Kansas, the average salary is $48,340 per year. This salary is slightly lower than the national average, which is around $50,710 per year. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that graphic designers in the 10th percentile earn around $30,160. Meanwhile those in the 90th percentile earn $69,310. The median salary for graphic designers in Kansas is $47,090 per year. This means half of all graphic designers in the state earn more than this amount while the other half earns less.

Though, the cost of living in Kansas is generally lower than in many other states — a factor that offsets a lower salary to some extent. Additionally, the state’s economy allow graphic designers to work in many industries.

The Top-Paying Industries for Graphic Designers in Kansas

Certain industries demand more skilled graphic designers. According to Zippia’s data, the highest-paying industries for graphic designers in Kansas include:

  • Technology at $59,067
  • Manufacturing at $54,488
  • Finance at $54,139

Additionally, those working in media can expect to earn approximately $52,206. This is much higher than the state’s average salary for graphic designers. This industry relies on graphic design to create effective marketing materials. These may include brochures and social media ads.

Software publishers are also another high-paying industry for graphic designers in Kansas. These companies produce software applications, which need designed user interfaces, icons and more.

Other industries that use graphic designers in Kansas are newspaper and book publishers. They also offer salaries above the state’s average. These industries rely on them to create materials for print and digital formats.

Overall, graphic designers in Kansas can expect to earn higher salaries in industries that rely on graphic design. The demand is expected to continue to grow as businesses rely more on appealing graphics.

The Top-Paying Companies for Graphic Designers in Kansas

While the salary for graphic designers in Kansas can vary, the company you work for can also influence earning potential. Here are some top-paying companies for graphic designers in Kansas, according to Glassdoor’s data.

Black and Veatch

This global engineering and construction company is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. It employs graphic designers to create presentations, marketing materials and technical drawings. According to data from Glassdoor, graphic designers at Black & Veatch can earn an annual salary of $65,000.


Based in Olathe, Kansas, Garmin is a company that makes navigation systems and wearable tech. The company uses designers to create product packaging, user interfaces and marketing materials. Glassdoor reports an average annual salary of $61,000 for graphic designers at Garmin.

Hallmark Labs

This Kansas City-based company is known for its greeting cards. Yet, it also creates consumer products, including ornaments, gift wrap and home decor. The company hires graphic designers to create product and marketing materials designs. Glassdoor reports a salary of $63,000 for graphic designers at Hallmark Cards.

University of Kansas

The University of Kansas is located in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s a public research university that offers many programs for students. Graphic designers at this university work in various roles. This includes marketing materials, publications and visuals for websites and social media. According to data from Glassdoor, University of Kansas pays graphic designers $54,000. 

Koch Industries

This Wichita-based company is one of the largestcompanies in the world. Its operations are in many industries, including energy, manufacturing and finance. The company needs graphic designers to make marketing materials and presentations. Glassdoor reports $59,000 for graphic designers at Koch Industries.

While these companies offer higher salaries it’s important to consider other factors. This includes company culture, tasks and career advancement opportunities when looking for jobs.

Tips for Negotiating a Higher Salary as a Graphic Designer in Kansas

Demanding a higher salary can seem daunting, but it’s important your employer pays what you’re worth. Here are some tips to help you negotiate a higher salary:

  • Research salary ranges: Before going to a negotiation, look into the average salary range for graphic designers in Kansas. Websites like Glassdoor and PayScale offer information to use as a starting point.
  • Highlight your experience: Discuss your experience. Highlight your skills and accomplishments when meeting with your employer. If you have worked on high-profile projects or won awards for your designs, ensure to mention them. This will prove your value and justify a higher salary.
  • Be confident: Confidence is key when demanding higher pay. Be clear and embrace the moment when asking for what you deserve. Remember, you have skills and experience the company needs, so sell yourself.
  • Consider other benefits: Besides salary, consider other benefits that may be negotiable. This may include health insurance, retirement plans or paid time off. These benefits can add value and compensate for lower pay.
  • Practice your negotiation skills: Negotiation is a skill you must learn and improve. Consider practicing with a friend or mentor before entering a meeting. Doing so helps you feel more confident and prepared.

Overall, gaining a higher salary requires you to prepare. Be confident and have a willingness to advocate for yourself. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of earning a higher salary.

Should You Consider Living in Kansas?

Aside from the many opportunities you get as a graphic designer, there are other qualities you may like about living there.

Quality of Life

When you think of Kansas, the first thing that may come to mind is farmland. However, Kansas isn’t all about farming. This state is bustling with all kinds of fun things to do. For instance, there are great parks to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. 

You may also find that Kansas has some of the best food, especially barbecue. Kansas is known for having the top barbecue spots around. 

Also, the state’s residents are friendly people. It’s the kind of place where neighbors say “hello” and wave when they see you.

Cost of Living

A huge plus to living in Kansas is the affordable lifestyle. You might be surprised at how far your money can go in this state. Food and everyday expenses are often less costly than in other parts of the country. As a graphic designer, your salary will stretch further, making saving money and enjoying life easier.

Housing is especially affordable. From Arkansas City to Concordio, there are many cities in which you purchase an affordable home.

Education and Networking

The University of Kansas and Kansas State University are some of the best schools. These places can offer you a chance to improve your graphic design skills. Plus, they host events where you can meet other designers and make connections in the industry.

Networking is a valuable skill to hold in any career. It can take you places and give you opportunities you may not find doing it all alone. When networking, you never know who you may run into. The next person you meet could get you hired at your dream job.

Increase Your Earning by Navigating the Graphic Designer Salary Landscape in Kansas

Graphic designers in Kansas can expect to earn a competitive salary comparable to other states. While the salaries may vary — you can expect to earn around the average pay.

Plus, companies like the University of Kansas offer competitive salaries. They even provide a supportive work environment. Yet, be sure to research numbers before negotiating with a potential employer. Use the tips above to increase your confidence.

By following these tactics, graphic designers in Kansas can ensure they get paid what they deserve.

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