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Posted on February 14, 2023 | Updated on October 27, 2023

Whether you’re looking to hire a graphic designer in Maryland or want to become one, it’s a good idea to understand how much they earn. Making a living in art is an attractive career for many.

However, knowing the practical side of graphic design is critical for your future finances. Salary information isn’t as straightforward as you might expect.

Your income depends on certain factors such as experience, area and specialization. Here, we will cover the basis for a graphic designer salary in Maryland below.

What Is a Graphic Designer’s Salary in Maryland

If you live in Maryland or are considering moving there, the average salary for a graphic designer in this state amounts to around $49,500 per year. However, your skill set, level of responsibility and experience all play a large role in your salary.

That’s why, according to Intuit Mint, a graphic designer’s salary can range from $22,000 to $91,000 yearly. Not to mention, your salary can vary significantly by your area of specialty and your city.

Luckily, we give you a breakdown of where you might fit on the salary scale.

Graphic Designer’s Salary in Cities of Maryland

First, let’s examine how Maryland’s cities affect your average pay estimate. Location can majorly impact salary due to local tax rates and cost of living. 

Below, you will find the graphic design salary estimates by cities of Maryland from Talent and Zippia:

  • Bethesda, MD: $95,850
  • Baltimore, MD: $58,500
  • Bel Air, MD: $54,850
  • Columbia, MD: $49,850
  • Silver Spring, MD: $57,500
  • Essex, MD: $54,649
  • Pikesville, MD: $54,623

No matter which city you reside in, you can understand which places are paying the most for graphic designers. However, it’s always a good idea to research a good living wage for your area.

In general, a liveable salary is approximately $54,400 per year. So if you make anything over that amount, you could earn more than half the people living in Maryland.

Graphic Designer’s Salary by Roles in Maryland

To narrow your salary estimates even further, you must consider the different roles within graphic design. Simply Hired provides helpful salary information concerning each position:

Digital Designer

The average salary for this role is $110,333. Digital designers create digital design solutions for various uses, including websites, email templates, product graphics, social media graphics, photography and brand campaigns.

Associate Creative Director

You can expect to make $98,619 in this role. Associate Creative Directors are responsible for developing pitches for clients. They also lead a team of creatives to achieve marketing goals and satisfy brand requirements.

Visual Designer

The average salary is $79,385. Visual designers design various platforms, including websites, games, movies, wearables and kiosks. They also create concepts and layouts and meet with clients.

Senior Graphic Designer

On average, they make $68,231. Senior graphic designers are responsible for all design aspects, from planning illustrations to managing marketing materials like social media posts and emails.


Publishers make an average salary of $63,726. They manage designs, edits and the production process of publications. They also oversee the work of proofreaders, editors and printers — and ensure every publication is on schedule.

Multimedia Designer

The average salary is $56,861. Multimedia designers plan, design, and create digital content and animations for promotional, instructional and entertainment purposes. They can design for various media, including the web, television, video games and movies.

Social Media Graphic Designer

They earn, on average, $52,895. The responsibilities of a social media graphic designer include designing graphics to attract consumer attention on social media.

Graphic Artist

Graphic artists can make around $30,768. A graphic artist produces artwork used to communicate stories, emotions and messages. Typically, the artwork is for a graphic project, such as an advertisement or book cover.

Graphic Design Intern

The average salary is $29,980. Graphic design interns participate in team meetings, assist with design projects, conduct client research and collaborate with senior designers.

From these salary estimates, you can see that pay depends on your location, level of responsibility and skill requirement. 

Graphic Designer’s Salary by Experience in Maryland

A graphic designer’s salary in Maryland will also depend on your experience. Please note that pay estimates can also vary by industry. For these purposes, the research reflects average wages across all fields of design.

Zero to One Year of Experience

This experience includes graphic designers who recently graduated from college or are starting with a design agency or firm. Designers are typically proficient in various design programs. Still, they have yet to hone a unique style or make a name for themselves in a professional aspect. 

In a company, you would expect a supervisor to give you instructions and oversee your work. According to Glassdoor, graphic designers with this experience can expect an average salary of $47,418 per year.

One to Three Years of Experience

Graphic designers at this level of experience will have an entire portfolio of proficiency and style. If you opt for the freelance route, you would typically make a website that displays your practices. Yet, a company will desire additional skills, including communication and team building.

In a company environment, you would have less instruction from your supervisors. Glassdoor estimates the average salary is $49,762 per year.

Four to Six Years of Experience

Graphic designers at this level can expect to hold a senior graphic design position at a company. Or, clients may regard them well as a freelancer. 

At a firm, a senior graphic designer manages a team of designers. They strongly understand the technological advancements in design, the latest trends and how to design respectively for a target audience.

Glassdoor estimates the yearly salary is $54,264 per year at this experience level.

Freelance Graphic Designer’s Salary in Maryland

Salaries are challenging to estimate for freelance or crowdsource graphic designers, given that they get payment from job to job. Additionally, a large income variable is the amount of time they input within a month. 

For instance, a graphic designer who works 20 hours per month will make considerably less than one with over 100 hours per month. It also depends on the amount they charge per project and so forth.

With that in mind, a freelance graphic designer can make $5,041 on average in Maryland. Yet, it’s not unheard of to make double that amount, especially if they use crowdfunding contests and referrals.

Of course, not every graphic designer has a steady income or client base. The demand for freelance graphic design work can fluctuate. Therefore, you might find yourself with a flood of client requests one month — while you may hear crickets the next month.

Yet whether you experience the latter or not, many freelancers enjoy the freedom of working for themselves. They know how to manage uncertainty regarding their income and have tactics to handle it when they have slower months.

Go Into a Career You Love

If graphic design is your passion and Maryland is where you want to live, you can make a good living with this career. Though your income depends on several factors, you now know what to expect. 

When starting as a graphic designer, it can be challenging to understand where you lie on the spectrum. But by knowing the going rate for graphic design work in Maryland, you can ensure you never settle for less than you deserve.

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