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Posted on November 29, 2023 | Updated on November 29, 2023

Are you considering becoming a graphic designer? If so, consider which state to live in the U.S. One state you may think of is Nevada. Although it’s arid and filled with hot deserts, Nevada may offer graphic designers something other states are missing. Yet, before you decide to run off to Nevada, it’s important to know a graphic designer’s salary and the current market state for these professionals. 

What Is the Market Like for Graphic Designers in Nevada?

In today’s job market, the competition is high. Employers want the best of the best. Longer interviews have become the norm, and standing out from the crowd has become challenging. Although it’s like this today around the U.S., does that mean it’s the same for Nevada? 

As a graphic designer in Nevada, you have plenty of opportunities to find a job because of how many are available. Consider job boards like Zippia and LinkedIn. In total, there are currently 87 jobs posted on Zippia, while LinkedIn has over 700 listings.

When looking at job openings like these, many wages fall below $20 an hour. In fact, ZipRecruiter’s data shows that 17% of the jobs as a graphic designer in Las Vegas, Nevada pay $18.22 per hour. 

However, graphic design is a vast field, making specializing in a certain industry easy. Consider some of the highest-paying industries for graphic designers in Nevada, according to Zippia’s data:

  • Technology: $59, 067
  • Manufacturing: $54,488
  • Finance: $54,139
  • Media: $52,206
  • Education: $51,763
  • Retail: $50,927

As a graphic designer looking to make a living in Nevada, technology is the best sector to go after. Like graphic design, the technology industry has much room for growth and creativity. Because tech companies specialize in different fields, graphic designers have many options while still making a good salary. 

For instance, you could be designing an app or a software system. Or, tech companies may need you to create marketing materials. Every tech company must have a designer, so if you can get into this field, you’ll have the advantage of a higher salary.

What Is the Graphic Designer Salary in Nevada?

You may have looked at what many job postings list as a salary for graphic designers in Nevada. While it’s good to see what employers offer to pay graphic designers in Nevada, it’s useful to know the average pay. This way, you can negotiate with your potential employer by showing them the data. 

Today, the average salary for a graphic designer in Nevada is $58,220, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This average earning is much higher than the nation’s average, which sits at $50,710 annually.

While these numbers are what many graphic designers make on average, numerous factors still affect your salary. For instance, specializing in a certain area of the field — like product design — could help you earn a higher wage. 

However, one factor to consider is the city you’ll work in within Nevada. Because one city may be more well off than another in an economical manner, graphic designers’ salaries will vary. With this in mind, it’s helpful to understand which cities in Nevada are paying the most for graphic designers:

  • Summerlin South, NV: $45,802
  • Indian Springs, NV: $45,208
  • Mount Charleston, NV: $45,018
  • Blue Diamond, NV: $44,795
  • Sandy Valley, NV: $44,788
  • Las Vegas, NV: $44,771
  • Spring Valley, NV: $44,754
  • Nellis Air Force Base, NV: $44,733
  • Sunrise Manor, NV: $44,722
  • Winchester, NV: $44,711

The data from this list of top-paying cities in Nevada gives you an idea of what you may earn. As you can see, though, each city is around the same amount of pay for graphic designers. Therefore, it may not make much of a difference or matter to you whether you live in Las Vegas or Indian Springs.

The Career Outlook for Graphic Designers in Nevada?

When working as a graphic designer in Nevada, one thing to consider is whether this field will be in demand. Will the market in Nevada have a growing need for graphic designers? According to O Net Online, yes!

Data from this source shows the number of graphic designers was 1,510 in 2020. Yet, that number is expected to grow to 1,740 employees by 2030, with a 15% projected growth. This anticipated growth rate is significantly higher than the U.S., standing at 3% from 2021 to 2031.

With this much of a growth rate, you’re in a good position to work as a graphic designer in Nevada. Within the next decade, there will be a higher demand for graphic designers, meaning the future outlook of this field is secure. The exact reason for such demand growth is unknown, but it could be due to various factors.

For instance, the remote workforce has grown tremendously since the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, more businesses may operate from home, so they’re open to collaborating with graphic designers online.

Another reason could be due to increased real estate development. More businesses are investing in hotels, casinos and restaurants to keep up with the influx of tourism. With more entertainment comes more business, and companies will need graphic designers to create branding and promotional materials.

Tips for Earning a Better Salary as a Graphic Designer in Nevada

As a graphic designer in Nevada, you have various opportunities to earn a higher salary. However, if the options aren’t coming as quickly to you, this is where you can start to take action. To achieve a higher salary as a graphic designer in Nevada, you must follow the tips below.

1. Join Professional Associations

Graphic designers greatly benefit from joining a professional association for various reasons. The first is that it provides you with tons of networking opportunities. When you enter a professional association, you get to attend events that allow you to connect with other professional designers.

Networking is such a valuable activity to have in your professional playbook. As you build and expand the people you know, you increase your chances of gaining job offers with higher pay. Consider joining some associations like AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Las Vegas, LVAG (Las Vegas Artists Guild) and NIMA (Nevada Interactive Media Association).

2. Showcase Your Experience With Reputable Clients

Before you apply for a new job, consider picking up work on your own with prestigious clients. Working with reputable companies gives you an open door to increase your skills and expertise because these clients often have higher standards. Once you build your experience with a company or two, employers will be impressed with your freelance history and diverse skills. 

To showcase this experience to potential employers, list your clients on your resume and describe the work you’ve completed for them. The company you may want to work for will see the value you could provide them and may seek to interview you.

3. Build Your Skills

Knowledge is incredibly powerful, and learning new skills is especially important in the graphic design field. Graphic design is constantly changing by introducing recent trends, technologies and techniques. Therefore, keeping up with the industry is important so your work remains relevant to today’s standards. 

The best way to stay current in graphic design is by reading industry blogs, taking courses and applying what you learn to real-life projects. Consider which methods you learn from best, and keep educating yourself regularly.

Should You Earn a Salary as a Graphic Designer in Nevada?

The average graphic designer’s salary is higher than the national average, meaning Nevada is a great area for graphic designers to work. Yet, while salary is an important factor, you should have other reasons to live in Nevada and specialize in this field. Nevada has a vibrant nightlife, beautiful outdoor scenery and a growing economy. If you decide to work as a creative in The Silver State, you’ll be better off than you ever thought possible. 

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