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Posted on April 27, 2023 | Updated on April 27, 2023

As a creative professional, you have the power to influence and inspire through your designs. At the same time, you need to make a living. Therefore, it’s important to know your worth and understand the value you bring to the table.

That’s why it’s essential for you to dive into the topic of graphic designer salaries in Delaware. No matter the state you live in, understanding the important factors that impact your pay is essential to making informed decisions about your career.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to negotiate a raise, this information will be crucial for all graphic designers in Delaware. 

Average Graphic Designer Salary in Delaware

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for graphic designers in Delaware is $57,280 annually. This salary is much higher than what graphic designers make overall in the US — the national average is $50,710 annually. Though, you must note that this is only an average, and salaries can vary based on several factors.

Some graphic designers in Delaware may make more than the average, while others may make less. Therefore, it all depends on things like education, experience, industry, company size and location that can impact your salary in Delaware.

However, knowing the average salary is a good starting point for understanding the value of your work as a graphic designer in Delaware. If you’re just starting your career, this information can be helpful when negotiating a fair starting salary. On the other hand, seasoned professionals can use it to assess whether their employer is paying them fairly.

Overall, understanding the average graphic designer salary in Delaware is essential in taking control of your career. That way, you know you’re being compensated for your worth.

Factors that Impact Graphic Designer Salaries in Delaware

Delaware is a small but densely populated state in the northeastern United States. Known for its picturesque towns, historic sites, and shorelines of the Atlantic coast — Delaware is a popular destination to live, work and play.

If you’re considering moving there or generally want to know more about graphic designer salaries in Delaware, know that many factors come into play. One of the most significant is education and experience. 

Generally, graphic designers with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in graphic design or a related field are more likely to earn higher salaries than those without a degree. Additionally, designers with several years of experience in the industry often make more than those first entering the field.

Another factor that can impact salary is the industry and company size in which a designer works. Delaware is home to several large corporations, particularly in the health care and education sectors. Therefore, designers working for these companies may earn more than those working in smaller businesses or non-profit organizations.

The location also plays a role in salary. Generally, graphic designers who work in larger cities like Wilmington, Dover and Newark may have access to higher wages due to higher demand and cost of living.

Highest-Paying Cities for Graphic Designers in Delaware

While graphic designers in Delaware can expect to earn a competitive salary overall, certain cities within the state offer the highest pay for designers.

For instance, Wilmington is one of Delaware’s highest-paying cities for graphic designers. As a major financial hub, Wilmington has many corporations requiring graphic designers. This, coupled with the city’s high cost of living, means that graphic designers can expect to earn up to $58,716, according to

Another high-paying city in Delaware is Dover. As the state’s capital city, Dover has many establishments needing graphic designers. Additionally, Dover has several colleges and universities that may offer designers opportunities to work in higher education. As a graphic designer located in Dover, you can expect to earn $55,388 on average.

Other cities in Delaware that may offer high salaries for graphic designers include the following:

  • Harrington at $59,656
  • Delaware City at $59,566
  • Middletown at $59,407
  • Newark at $59,566
  • New Castle at $59,611

Overall, graphic designers in Delaware should consider the opportunities available in each city when looking for employment — as the highest-paying cities may offer the best chances for earning a competitive salary.

Job Outlook for Graphic Designers in Delaware

In Delaware, graphic designers can expect a positive job outlook. According to Projections Central, research shows a steady growth rate of 4.8% for the industry from 2020 to 2030. As businesses continue emphasizing branding and marketing, the need for skilled designers who can create compelling visual content will likely remain high.

However, it’s important to note that competition for graphic design jobs in Delaware can be fierce, especially in larger cities like Wilmington and Dover. As such, designers who want to stand out in the job market may need to invest in additional education or training. Or, they can develop a specialized skill set that sets them apart from other designers.

One potential growth area for graphic designers in Delaware is the digital space. With more businesses focusing on online marketing and e-commerce — designers skilled in digital content creation, web design and UX design may have an edge in the job market.

Additionally, designers who can work across various mediums — from print to digital to video — may be more attractive to employers than those who specialize in a single area. By staying up-to-date on the latest design trends and technologies, and continually improving their skills, graphic designers can ensure they remain competitive.

Networking and Professional Organizations for Graphic Designers in Delaware

When considering living in Delaware as a graphic designer, a valuable resource for these professionals is networking and professional organizations. By connecting with other professionals in the industry, designers can gain access to new job opportunities, learn about emerging trends and build relationships.

One popular professional organization for graphic designers in Delaware is the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD). Founded in 1973, the SEGD is a global, multidisciplinary community of professionals that aims to promote graphic design excellence.

Another organization that may be of interest to graphic designers in Delaware is the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). AIGA is a national organization that supports advocates for designers across various disciplines. The group has a Delaware community page that provides information about local events, workshops, guest lectures and more.

In addition to these organizations, many other networking opportunities are available to graphic designers in Delaware. Local meetups, design conferences and industry events can all be great ways to connect with other professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques.

Overall, building a strong network of contacts can be essential for success in the graphic design industry. By joining these professional organizations, attending events and connecting with others — graphic designers can gain valuable insights and opportunities in Delaware.

The Future of Graphic Designer Salaries in Delaware

Graphic design is a dynamic and exciting field that offers many opportunities for creative professionals in Delaware. While salaries vary depending on several factors like education and experience, the average salary for graphic designers in Delaware is above the national average.

Additionally, a strong portfolio and a willingness to learn and connect with others allow graphic designers to build a rewarding and fulfilling career in Delaware. Whether working for a large agency or as a freelancer, graphic designers play a vital role in creating compelling visual communication in Delaware.

Overall, Delaware is rich in artistic traditions and vibrant creative communities. Therefore, it’s a great place for graphic designers to be.

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