Chapter 3: Best Day Care Themes for Your New Business

Posted on December 3, 2023 | Updated on January 10, 2024

Parents leave their children in your care for a few hours a day or all day. One of the top things you must do is present a professional image with your website to signal trust. Because of this, some of the best daycare themes are the simplest because they look professional and organized. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, around 59% of children five and younger were in nonparental paid care at least once a week at the last survey. For parents who want to stay home with their children, starting a small in-home day care is a low investment business. 

Since getting the website theme is so crucial, we took some time out of our day to figure out which themes work best for both commercial building daycares and in-home ones. You may start your business small and then add to it over time, moving to a larger building and adding more students. 

You’ll want a theme that scales and works for registered parents and those gathering info before registering their child for your day care. Keep in mind that the long-hated Comic Sans font is an excellent option for headings for a school/care website. 

We looked through a ton of themes that might work for child-based services. We also turned to school and education themes to see what we could find there. The results are a handful of really fabulous themes you can customize for your center.

What to Look for in Day Care Themes

Look for a layout that isn’t too cluttered. Some day care themes put too much emphasis on busy images and animations in an effort to make the design fun. Unfortunately, that just means the content gets lost in the mix.

Look for these things to find a day care theme that works best for your brand:

  • Space for bios
  • Place to include customer testimonials
  • Clean, crisp design
  • Ability to customize images and colors
  • Mobile friendly
  • Compatible with member area for current parents/students

You should customize anything you can to give your website a unique look and feel. Look for a theme that offers customization options or a pro version where you can create something unusual. 

Our Favorites

We were surprised at how many children’s themes were available through sites like and theme repositories. However, after a lot of reflection on what day care businesses do and pondering the best things to look for in a day care theme, we came up with the following top options.


day care themes

Kiducation is by Sensational Theme. We like the top slider with a slightly transparent overlay. You can swap out the background for one of your choice and customize the content in the box. Change the sections to match the services you offer or the perks of enrolling a child with your day care versus others in the area.

Babysitting Day Care

day care themes

Babysitting Day Care theme is perfect for an in-home child care worker. The theme expands easily as your day care center progresses to a larger operation. The boxes are rounded at the corners for a softer look. Bright colors grab attention and define timing and other details. 

The theme is free to use. Upgrade to the premium theme to gain: 

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Multilingual themes
  • Integrate with social media
  • Add a testimonial section and customize your font
kiddie care

Part of the Sensational Theme’s collection, Kiddie Care is a bright theme that combines photographs with illustrations for a fun, youthful look perfect for day care themes. Note the pretty scalloped edge separating the hero image from the start of content on the page. We also like the vivid call to action buttons. 

Upgrading to the Pro version gives you WooCommerce support, responsiveness and multiple font and customization options. 

Kidz Camp

day care themes

Kidz Camp by Catch Themes is a fabulous option for after school day care programs. The header features happy, cartoon kids and could apply to any type of day care program. The layout is simple and navigation intuitive. Customize with your own logo at the top. 

The free version of the theme is a great place to start. Upgrade to Pro for $59.99 per year. With the Pro version you can add additional contact information, a gallery, logo slider and a promotional headline. 

Our Winner: Kiddiz Center

day care themes

Look for a fun and potentially frosty day care theme? Kiddiz Center features a huge illustration that fills the front page of your site. Use the penguin shot it comes with or customize the look with a unique illustration that represents your day care. 

Advantages of this theme include:

  • Mobile responsiveness 
  • Live Customizer API capability 
  • Built-in color pickers 
  • Custom footer credit

The free version is fun and lightweight. If you want to upgrade to the pro version, it runs $59.99 per year or $89.99 for a lifetime subscription for a single site. Some of the things you’ll gain with Pro include: 

  • Main slider section 
  • Call to action section 
  • Services 
  • Introduction 
  • List your courses 
  • Gallery 
  • Testimonial

We like this theme for its bright, unique look and ability to grow with your day care center. Start with the free version, with its limited capabilities. Upgrade to pro when you can afford to. We do recommend opting for the lifetime license as it will pay for itself halfway through year two and you can continue using it indefinitely. 

Find the Best Day Care Themes for Your New Business

Know what your day care offers that no one else does. Seek a theme that showcases the unique value proposition your brand brings to the table for your students. The themes above are suitable for almost any type of day care. Customize them to make them your own with unique images and content. 

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