The Best WordPress Themes for Your Company Website [Online Guide]

Posted on June 27, 2024 | Updated on July 11, 2024

Creating a strong online presence benefits your business in multiple ways. In the age of digital everything, many people start their search for products and services online. Even local only brands get a boost by creating a site and engaging their current and potential customers. The best WordPress themes do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

The internet is full of free and paid WordPress themes–some great and some awful. Sorting through all the clutter can take tons of time. Most business owners and web developers want to get rolling with a design and get a page up and running quickly. 

Fortunately, our series on the best WP themes for your company website saves you time and brings you the best choices for your specific field. Each chapter has five options for the industry named and a breakdown of what each theme offers. 

Why Your Theme Matters

According to the Small Business Administration, around 450,000 people applied for small business licenses in the United States in 2024. Small business owners must compete with both existing companies and startups. Your digital branding can make the difference in whether someone buys from you or a competitor.

Your brand image builds over time, but the first impression you make on people landing on your page matters. Humans form an opinion of your brand in milliseconds. A professional website shows you care about your appearance and can build trust. People will come to know the look of your site and recognize it instantly as where they meant to navigate.

You can also repeat your colors and logo on social media pages to create brand consistency and build trust. The best websites engage users, keeping them on the page for long enough to connect. Ideally, they’ll subscribe to your newsletter and bookmark your website for future visits. 

Your theme has to reflect your brand personality. You should create a persona for your brand that matches the tone consumers experience anytime they interact with your business online or offline. An excellent style guide lists personality and tone alongside color schemes and fonts to use.  

Customized Theme Versus Generic

When you remember the websites that made a lasting impression on you, you likely remember something about their content, design and features. A custom theme will almost always stand out over something generic. However, business owners on a small budget may not be able to afford the cost of a 100% custom theme. Instead, they’ll rely on some of the premade themes available to them. boasts over 12,000 different themes to match almost any need. Most of the themes are free to download and try out. Some require a premium upgrade to access all the best features of the design. One popular upgrade allows you to customize colors, images and other elements to brand your site. The last thing you want is for someone to visit a competitor’s site and then realize you have the same or a very similar design. They may feel you copied the other brand, even if you had the idea first. It’s best to keep an eye on what the competition does so you can make changes as needed. 

Even out-of-the-box options allow you to add product images and a logo so you can make almost any theme stand out from others using the same one. It’s wise to go to competitor websites and see what colors and styles they use. While you want to meet customer expectations, you also want something that showcases your brand personality and makes you unique.

Seek inspiration from websites outside your industry. You can gather excellent design ideas from almost anywhere. You might also want to look at lists of best portfolio website examples and color options to get a feel for best design practices in general. 

8 Basic Hallmarks of the Best WordPress Themes

When coming up with the WordPress themes chapters, we use a specific process and consider various factors to select the top WordPress Themes for each category.

  1. Recent Updates: We start by checking when the developers last updated each theme. If the most recent update is more than six months old, we throw it out as an option. We want our users to have the most up-to-date, highly functioning themes possible.
  2. Reviews: We take the time to read through reviews on and we search other review sites to see if there are complaints or problems with the selection.
  3. Responsiveness: People search via their smartphones frequently. If a theme doesn’t respond well to mobile devices, it’s unlikely we’ll choose it for one of our best lists.
  4. Uncluttered Appearance: We look at the screenshots and examples of the theme in use. It should have white space around elements and everything should have a clear location that makes sense. We check for issues such as a hero image that fills too much of the screen with no additional information, navigation that’s difficult to find, or so many graphics that it is distracting. 
  5. Customization Options: We try to find themes that allow some customization in the free version. Some themes we list do charge a small fee without a free version. If the rate is fair and you can avoid paying a renewal fee, we may include it in the list. You’ll always find at least one that is free to use.
  6. Pricing: Most of our readers run small businesses, startups and try to exist on a tight budget. We throw out any themes that are extremely costly or require continuous renewals to stay current. 
  7. Aesthetically Pleasing: We turn on our design brain and take a step back to consider how the entire design looks as a whole. If it is attractive to us, it hopefully is to consumers. 
  8. Speed: We look for themes that load quickly without a lot of heavy javascript or other add-ons. 

Designerly staff have some other opinions about issues such as utilizing a framework like Elementor to design a website. While we will occasionally include a theme aimed at these plugins, most of the time, we recommend avoiding them because of the ongoing cost and lack of uniqueness that arises out of using a drag and drop design system. 

WordPress Themes Series Focus

Looking at WordPress themes for a number of industries requires insight into who our readers are and what they want. Small business owners come from numerous industries. We’ve covered everything from elderly care to automotive repair.

Our goal is to offer options for you no matter how obscure your field might be. We also offer some themes that might work across different genres, such as a business theme that could also be used for a small clothing store. 

As the chapters build, we think you’ll find inspiration for your own WordPress theme selection for your websites. 

The Best WordPress Themes for Your Company for All Industries: Introduction

Chapter 1: Best Cosmetology Themes for WordPress
Chapter 2: Top Small Business Themes for WordPress
Chapter 3: Best Day Care Themes for WordPress
Chapter 4: Best Pet Grooming Themes for WordPress
Chapter 5: Best Real Estate Themes for WordPress
Chapter 6: Best Restaurant Themes for WordPress
Chapter 7: Best Wedding Themes for WordPress
Chapter 8: Best Teacher Themes for WordPress
Chapter 9: Best Events Themes for WordPress
Chapter 10: Best Manufacturing Themes for WordPress
Chapter 11: Top Flower Shop Themes for WordPress
Chapter 12: Best Portfolio Themes in WordPress
Chapter 13: Top Photographer Themes for WordPress
Chapter 14: Best E-Commerce Themes for WordPress
Chapter 15: Best Travel Agency Themes for WordPress
Chapter 16: Best Author WordPress Themes to Sell Books
Chapter 17: Top Elderly Care Themes for WordPress
Chapter 18: Best Law Office Website WordPress Themes
Chapter 19: Best WordPress Medical Office Themes
Chapter 20: Top Personal Blog WordPress Themes
Chapter 21: Best Auto Repair Shop Website Themes in WordPress
Chapter 22: Best Funeral Home Themes
Chapter 23: Top Event Planning Themes for WordPress

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